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  • Ruberto Wins WPT Jacksonville Championship

    Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 by Nadia

Anthony Ruberto experienced a comfortable win at the final table of the WPT Jacksonville main event. To begin with, Ruberto, who hails from Massachusetts, was never close to being eliminated. He started the day with the largest stack and kept his chip lead through out the tournament. Anthony took home the WPT Jacksonville title and $325,928. He also won a seat valued at $25,000 to the World Poker Tour Championship.

The First Eliminations

Ruberto had a chip count of 4,500,000 when the tournament commenced. In second place was Vitor Coelho with 2,570,000. Lisa Hamilton was in third place with 1,901,000.

The Fish’s elimination at the table occurred when Lisa raised prior to the flop and Fish wagered all his chips (575,000) with a pair of 3s. Hamilton called while holding a pair of 7s and when the board came up useless for both of them, eliminated Fish. Before this, both Rodriguez and Fish, as the short stacks, were able to stay in the game by doubling their stacks through the bigger stacks.

After 13 more hands, Rodriguez was eliminated from the tournament. Soverel crippled his game a few hands before his elimination. This left him with only 10,000 chips. He shoved prior to the flop. He held 9-7. Hamilton was once again the eliminator, calling with K-4 while she was the big blind. Rodriguez was knocked out of the tournament when Hamilton held two 4s. Rodriguez finished at 5th place.

The Competition Heats Up

With only four players remaining, the competition became more intense. The game extended into plays with four hands. Ruberto led the pack with his stack valued at 4.475 million chips whereas the others remained in the 2 million range. Though he briefly lost his lead, his stack value decreasing to 2.945 million, he took back the lead in only 7 hands, with 3.635 million in chips. After the 97th hand, Hamilton had assumed the first ranked spot with 3.1 million. However, the other players were following her closely.

Coelho had 2.99 million, Ruberto had 2.885 million and Soverel held 2.87 million. This didn’t last long as Ruberto managed to take 2.37 million of Soverel’s stack which raised his chip count to 4.5 million. Anthony then proceeded to knock Coelho out of the tournament at 4th place with $75,105. His pocket Aces out matched Coelho’s pocket fours. Later, he eliminated Hamilton as he held A-K against her A-3. Finishing her run at 3rd place, Hamilton took home $112,657.

Heads-up Play

Ruberto held the chip lead and was ahead of Soverel, 9.745 million to 2.1 million. Soverel made it to nearly 4 million after a double-up play. However, he was unable to maintain that stack and fell to 2.5 million once more. During the 20th hand of the heads-up play, Soverel was eliminated. Anthony raised to 20,000 prior to the flop and Soverel went in for a little more than 2 million. Ruberto called while holding a K-J. Soverel held only a Kh-7h. The board gave out QC-JS-TC. When the turn card gave out a 5, Soverel was not able to beat Ruberto and concluded left the as the runner up with $187,762.




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