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  • Sam Razavi Takes Down 2012 APPT Melbourne Main Event

    Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 by Ryan

The Main Event of the Melbourne stop of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) came to a close this past weekend in Melbourne, Australia. This was the second Main Event of the APPT so far this year, and it featured nine players going at the first place prize that was worth AUD $326,125. While it was a fight to the finish and it wasn’t an easy walk by any means, Samad “Sam” Razavi was the one who got the job done as he won his first ever APPT title and the very nice grand prize as well. When the final table began, Razavi was one of only four players to have over one million chips, with 1.318 million. Tom Grigg was leading the field to start it off though with 2.271 million chips.

Things didn’t happen right away from Razavi though, as he waited around three hours before really making moves. He was really just sitting and waiting for the bulk of the final table, except for sending home the 9th place player in Brendon Rubie. Rubie had only 30k in chips though, so it wasn’t a massive move for Razavi. While Razavi waited, Wayne Bentley and Keith Walker continued to build their stacks. Razavi’s move came when it was only four players remaining. The move came when he was raised pre-flop by Bentley and he called. Razavi then check-called another bet on a Q-6-4 of diamonds board, and the same thing happened on the turn with the Ace of hearts, and the river of the 8 of clubs, but each bet was larger on the turn and river. Razavi turned over Q-10 for second, Bentley then mucked his hand giving the big pot to Razavi, leaving him with 2.5 million chips, and Bentley fell to 1.1 million.

Razavi then grabbed another 200k in chips from Grigg. Grigg then sent home Wayne Bentley in 4th place when Bentley got it in with a flush draw on the turn, and Grigg made the call with top pair. The flush didn’t hit, and this led us to three-handed play. Razavi had 2.75 million, Grigg had 2.6 million, and Walker had 2.2 million, so it was a close fight. Grigg looked to be ready to run away after an hour of play with 5 million chips, while Razavi was down to 1.5 million and Walker was down to 1.2 million.

Grigg went on to lose some major pots to both of the other two players, including doubling up Razavi with pocket 9’s against the A-K of Grigg. It didn’t take long before things had moved over to Razavi, and Grigg was sent home in third place. Grigg was sent home when Razavi flopped a boat and we were down to heads up action. Razavi held a lead of 5.9 million to 1.8 million in the heads up match against Walker. It didn’t take long for Razavi to get the job done as Walker three bet all-in pre-flop with Jacks and was called down by the K-10 of spades by Razavi. The flop came out with two spades, and the third spade came on the turn to give the championship to Razavi.




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