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  • Samuel Chartier Leads Irish Poker Open After First Day

    Saturday, April 7th, 2012 by Ryan

The 2012 Irish Poker Open is one of the more talked about poker tournaments of the year to this point, and it’s for good reason. The tournament will not only be a part of the iSeriesLIVE tournament, but it also features some of the biggest names in the poker world. The event is run at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin and is sponsored by PaddyPowerPoker. This event comes in as the second oldest championship in all of poker behind the World Series of Poker Championship event, and it featured well-known’s like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Dan Harrington, David “Devilfish” Ulliott, James Dempsey, and many others as well like Barny Boatman, Kevin MacPhee, and Roberto Romanello.

Life wasn’t exactly easy for many of the big named pros to start the action though, as it seemed that many of them found themselves at the same table from the word go. Dan Harrington was sitting at a table with both Freddy Deeb and Max Silver, while Hellmuth was up against Ross Boatman and Bruce Atkinson, and Romanello was paired up at a table with the popular Carlos Mortensen. The total number of players in the event ended up being 502 total with 54 players making it into the money in total. The prize pool was a nice total of €1.6 million, which will eventually send the winner home with €420,000 this weekend.

Quite a few big named pros weren’t able to make it through the day though though. Take Negreanu for example who wasn’t able to get much going throughout the day, and actually got sent home just after the dinner break when his A-K couldn’t improve against the pocket tens of Kenneth Hicks. Hellmuth fell into an interesting situation himself though, as he went into the dinner break as he apparently went to take a nap on break and then apparently overslept a bit. He remained alive through the end of the day though even after losing about 10k during the nap.

When the day ended it was Chartier who had a nice chip lead of 136,800 and while he does have over $1.3 million in live tournament winnings through his career, he’ll have a tough task lying ahead of him still in order to make a big time push on this event. A few other well known players who remain are the likes of Eoghan O’Deal, Ulliott, Deeb, Mortensen, JP Kelly, and Julian Thew. As far as the popular names to not make it through the day we saw Padraig Parkinson, Michael Tureniec, MacPhee, Surinder Sunar, and the defending champion Niall Smyth.

There will be 277 players coming back for the action today, and we’ll keep you updated on what the outcome looks like and if the players make it into the cash by the end of the day heading into Easter Sunday. There are many excellent topics to keep an eye out for in this event, one of which will be if the defending champ Smyth can make another deep run, and also if Hellmuth will be able to bounce back after taking that huge chip stack hit during his nap on Friday!




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