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  • Play Poker against Santiago Canizares at 888 Poker This Summer

    Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 by t2admin

If you’re a fan of football then there is no doubt that you’ve most likely heard of Santiago Canizares. For those of you that might not follow Spanish football, Canizares is recognized as one of the best goalkeepers to ever play football. Santiago is retired now, but he’s decided to try his luck at poker and has decided to join the 888 Poker team. It isn’t everyday that you get the chance to play online poker with a famous athlete, but poker players at 888 Poker will have several opportunities this summer.

Canizares PokerCam Challenge

As most of you know, 888 Poker released a webcam poker client awhile back that has become really popular. Canizares will be making two appearances on the cash game PokerCam tables at 888 Poker this summer and players will have the chance to play against him. Santiago Canizares will be playing on the PokerCam tables on July 28th and August 11th at the $.05 – $.10 stake level, which means even players with a small bankroll will have the opportunity to play against Canizares. Both PokerCam sessions will start at 19:00 GMT on the dates listed above and he’ll continue playing for an undetermined amount of time.

Canizares Bounty Challenge

There was already one bounty tournament held at 888 Poker on July 20th with Canizares, but there is still one more tournament that’ll feature Canizares this summer. The 2nd bounty tournament with Santiago Canizares will be on August 3rd at 19:00 GMT and the buy-in is only $1. The prize pool is $500 guaranteed, but if more people join the prize pool will grow. There is also a $100 bounty on Canizares, so the lucky player to knock Canizares out of the tournament will win an instant $100 prize.

888 Poker is still running their legendary $8 no deposit bonus, so new players should join and take part in this promotion along with the no deposit bonus. 888 Poker has grown into one of the best online poker rooms the past year and they seem to always have lots of promotions running. I’m sure a lot of Spaniards will want to have the chance to play online poker with Canizares this summer and it should help 888 Poker gain even more momentum in emerging markets.

The great thing about 888 Poker is that there promotions are ideal for everyone. You don’t need to play in a huge buy-in tourney or anything like that to have a chance to play with Santiago. The bounty tournament has a buy-in of $1 and the two cash game sessions will be on $.05 – $.10 tables.




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