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    Friday, June 11th, 2010 by t2admin

A tournament game with a low buy-in that enables the winner to take part in a higher stakes game with the buy-in paid for as part of the win is referred to as a ‘Satellite’ poker game. There are single or multi table satellite poker games and players can choose to participate in a single table satellite game event that seats 10 players with $1000 per person or even take part in a larger group poker game with 100 buy-ins of $100 per player. In both cases, the first prize yield would be offered to a single winner who’d qualify for the $10,000 entry in the higher stakes tournament.

Two poker players who have made poker history with their satellite game wins are Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker, who steadily worked their way up from smaller tournaments to win a seat at the WSOP (World Series of Poker) by playing smartly at various multi-table online satellite tournaments on popular websites, like Pokerstar!

Thus, with regular sort of folk like the above two names making it to the WSOP championships, even average players with the desire to win big and make a career in poker are motivated to improve their gaming skills, participate more frequently in satellite events and build up their experience for consistent wins.

Thus, one finds that the satellite poker tournament is basically a competitive event where the prize is a free entry for a bigger game with bigger prizes. The purpose of these games is to help serious poker fans qualify for high-stakes tournaments without putting in big sums of money that many players would not be able to afford, as buy-ins can be steep. Plus with Chris Moneymaker’s example of a $40 buy-in leading him to win the WSOP main event (where the buy-in would be $10,000 if bought directly), it is understandable to figure out that others took dream of taking home $2.5 million with a satellite tour winning! After all, there are no taxes on dreaming (yet!).

As mentioned earlier, some satellite events may have a single table or several tables both scenarios are acceptable and have their takers. However, there are also mini-satellite events hosted under the banner of a major event with various types of tournaments arranged for different levels of players, like an FPP freeroll that frequent players can build up points for in order to buy-in to the event and qualify for the prize in a real money game. Sometimes this may be offline, such as those hosted in Las Vegas, but most times, FPP or frequent player points, are added up for buy-ins to online tournaments.

There are many combinations possible in satellite poker tournaments like multi-level FPP freeroll that helps winning players win a seat at the World Series of Poker main table.

If your aim is to reach the WSOP, it is smart to focus on winning a satellite tournament by picking the one with the best structure as per your preferred game. The winner take all type is a satellite event that gives a single seat for the WSOP for the top player, while those with lower buy-ins spread across more people to encourage buy-ins may have 1 seat per 80 buy-ins, which means 4 seats to the WSOP for 320 participants in the tournament. Finally, satellite events with higher number of seats awarded to the WSOP usually have larger buy-in amounts and thus, it is best to start with affordable buy ins spread across more players, avoid getting blinded and put up a fight for the chips!




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