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  • Scott Palmer Victorious in 1st of 2 Matches Against Viktor Blom in Superstar Showdown

    Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 by t2admin

Viktor Blom has been keeping busy at PokerStars in the Superstar Showdown promotion and he was on the tables again this past weekend against a well-known high stakes online poker regular. Scott Palmer was Blom’s challenger this weekend and after the 2500-hand showdown was completed Palmer ended up notching a small victory. This was the closest Superstar Showdown yet, as Scott Palmer only ended up winning a little over $5K.

Early in the match Blom woke up with pocket queens and made a small raise. Palmer ended up re-raising the pot and Blom made another raise, which was called by Palmer who was only holding 4/3 of clubs. The flop was a 4/3/J, which looked like a nice flop for Blom with the over pair, but little did he know Palmer flopped two pairs. The money went all-in on the flop and it looked like Palmer would win a nice pot, but the river brought a queen, which gave Blom the set over Palmer’s two pairs.

Blom also won the next monster pot between the two players, as his flush beat the two pair that Palmer had. Viktor built up an early lead when he was hitting hands, but he ended up losing the lead at the end of the match. Blom should have won the match, as he was up about $20K near the end, but he blew it in a single hand and I’m not too sure what he was thinking. Palmer flopped a full house and Blom had complete air that he decided to bluff with. On the river Palmer checked and Blom made a small $2K bluff, which was raised up to $8K by Palmer. Blom could have folded at this point, but he decided to bluff all-in and Palmer quickly made the call and won the huge pot.

PokerStars announced that these two players will be meeting in the Superstar Showdown again next week, which means we’re all in for another great match. I predict that Palmer will come out on top again next week although this time I think he’ll end up winning more than $5K. Viktor now has a 4-3 record in the Superstar Showdown, but he’s still up over $280K so far, which shows that he’s winning a lot when he wins and limiting his losses when he’s losing.

The next match-up between these two foes will take place next Sunday, so make sure you sign-in to your PokerStars account and watch the action live on the felt next weekend. You can learn a lot about how the best players in the world think while watching this event and it’s great for not only Blom and his competitors, but also all of the players that get to watch the action live at PokerStars.




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