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  • Sean Jazayeri Takes Down WPT LA Poker Classic

    Friday, March 2nd, 2012 by Ryan

There has been quite a bit of hype surrounding the World Poker Tour’s Los Angeles Poker Classic in the past few days, and the event that had everyone buzzing has officially come to an end with a winner being crowned. There was a TON of talent across the board in this event, and the task going into the final day was not an easy one for Sean Jazayeri. Jazayeri is a veteran professional poker player, but would be up against a few of the bigger young names in poker, and he fortunately was able to get the job done and take down quite a nice first place prize and a championship as well!

The final table in this event featured only six players, but the players who Jazayeri were up against included the likes of David “Doc” Sands, Noah Schwartz, Dan Kelly, Jason Somerville, and Jason Burt. To start the final day, Jazayeri had a small chip lead over Sands, and Somerville and Burt were both sitting as the short stacks holding 840k and 835k chips. Somerville actually shoved his stack into the middle on the second hand of the day with pocket 8’s, and was called by the big stack Jazayeri with his A-Q suited. Everyone was good for Somerville through the turn, but a Queen on the river sent Somerville home in 6th place. Burt decided to get it all in about ten hands later, and was actually ahead after the turn as he had top pair with a King, but Dan Kelly had an opened ended straight draw that hit on the river to send Burt home in 5th.

The final four players left played a few hands before much really happened, but when it did it was pretty big. Jazayeri made a raise, Kelly then called on the button, which led to Schwartz pushing all in over the top of both of them. Jazayeri then pushed all in, but Kelly folded his hand. Jazayeri turned over pocket Kings and had the A-J of Schwartz dominated, sending him home in 4th and setting up a three handed match here. Jazayeri was sitting in excellent pushing holding a chip lead of 9.8 million to 4.6 for Kelly, and 2 million for Sands. Sands went on quite the hot streak though and switched places with Kelly essentially. Soon after that he eliminated Kelly when K-J couldn’t hit to knock off the pocket two’s that Sands was holding.

When the heads up match between Sands and Jazayeri began, Sands was actually holding a chip lead against his opponent, and even extended that to over 2 to 1 fairly quickly as well. The big hand came though when Jazayeri was able to hit a double up when his A-K beat out the pocket Queens of Sands. That was essentially a wrap on it, as the two were all in on the next hand, with Sands holding K-Q and Jazayeri holding A-5. The flop gave Sands a King and Jazayeri a 5, but that dreaded river card ended the tournament with another 5 for Jazayeri.

Jazayeri won $1.37 million for his efforts, while Sands took down a second place pay day of $806k.




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