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  • South Point CEO Feels That Online Poker Will Be Back in Nevada by Fall

    Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 by Ryan

Many people have had varying opinions about the future of online poker, but one thing that seems to be a consensus is that almost all people feel that EVENTUALLY online poker will end up being legalized in the United States. One person who has a very interesting thought on the entire situation is the CEO of the South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa, Michael Gaughan. He stated during an interview with eGaming Review that he feels that the first online poker room in the state of Nevada could potentially be up and running within the next few months, by fall to be exact. According to Gaughan, the biggest issue that is still up in the air right now is for the gaming license situation to get handled, but from there that things should be good to go.

South Point is looking to remain a step ahead of the curve of other online poker rooms who could potentially be rolling in the United States, and they’ve done that to this point. They are already in the independent testing process for their software, as this is something that is incredibly important and is required by Nevada law. The second wave of testing is being rounded up, so things with the testing of the software seem to be all positive. There are many different independent testing labs, and Gaughan did not state which specific one had been working on the product, but many people are under the assumption that it could be either the Gaming Laboratories International or the BMM International, as both of these were licensed by Nevada within the past month or two.

To this point, there haven’t been any companies that are going to actually operate the online poker sites that have been granted licenses just yet, but it has been stated that there are at least 30 different applications that were put in. One of the companies who will more than likely get their license approved is going to be South Point it seems, and with their site launching soon after that it leaves a great potential for them to be in an excellent spot to be able to gain quick traffic and potentially get to the top in terms of overall traffic on their site.

Gaughan stated a few other things during this interview, but definitely made sure to state that he’s not expecting them to become the next online poker site, and also saying that they may not be the “biggest or the best”, but that they are hoping to “have a head start”. He also went on to state that there are going to be some restrictions on their site because they will want them to begin a “little slower than we would like.”

If you feel like you’ve heard Gaughan’s name in the online poker community before, it’s probably because his company owns SouthPointPoker.com, which is a free online poker site that is on the ZEN Entertainment Network. They give away many different things including different prizes and up to $100k in cash each month.




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