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  • Steve Gross Breaks the Rough Run at 2013 WSOP to Win a Gold Bracelet

    Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 by Ryan

While there have been many players who have bought into a ton of different events at the 2013 World Series of Poker, we’ve seen a bulk of those players pull in some small cashes and things like that, but one player who definitely hasn’t been able to get much going, even though he played in a total of fifteen events tot his point is Steve “gboro780” Gross. Gross was finally able to pull in a cash, and it was one heck of a cash at that, as he ended up pulling in a very nice win in Event #41 of the WSOP, which was the $5,000 Six Handed Pot Limit Omaha event. It was definitely a breakthrough event, and it’s one that should put some attention on Gross moving forward, because I’m willing to bet that he’s going to be playing in many other events throughout the next few weeks.

While most players and fans aren’t going to know Gross right off the bat, there’s a good chance that if you are big in the poker community that you probably know his name. A key reason for that could have something to do with his online poker play under the name “gboro780”. He is one of the top online tournament players in history, and he even made it to the top of the PocketFives World Wide Rankings back in August of 2010. In total, he’s pulled in a total of more than $6.25 million in the online tournament world, and back in 2009 he won the FTOPS XI Event #10, which was worth a total of $275,600.

In terms of the live tournament game for Gross, it’s been a bit hit or miss. He’s pulled in a total of 14 World Series of Poker cashes throughout his career, as well as four cashes at the World Poker Tour, and two cashes in the European Poker Tour. Up to this point, his best cash was a fifth place finish at the 2011 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic, which was worth a total of $304,000. As you can imagine, nothing is bigger though than pulling in a win in a World Series of Poker tournament, and not only getting the big time pay day, but also winning the sought after gold bracelet.

When Day 3 of the action began, there was plenty of action to be played still, and Gross was sitting as the chip leader. He was actually the only player left in the action who had more than half a million chips. He looked to be sitting pretty, but things took a rough turn, because when the final table was set, he was actually sitting in last place and ended up being the only player who had under 600,000 chips. He had to start making moves, and you can bet that he did just that.

It started out on hand 11 of the final table action, as he knocked out Nader Arfai with a six high straight, who had a set of fives. After that, and the few chips that he had picked up on the hands prior, left him with 1.46 million, so he was in a fairly good spot. After that he went on to knock off Lee Goldman on the 59th hand of the final table, and this left him sitting with 2.62 million. One hand later, it was another knockout, as he sent Joseph Leung home in fourth place, and before you could even blink we had only three players left in the action, and Gross had more chips than the two other players did combined.

Gross went ahead and knocked off Timo Pfutzenreuter in third place, and when the heads up match started with Salman Behbehani, he was holding a 3.505 million to 2.5 million chips. The lead sized moved around a bit, but Gross didn’t lose it at any point. He got a pretty big gap between he and his opponent at one point, and at that point, Behbehani decided to move all in. Gross hit a pair of sevens, but Behbehani couldn’t improve his hand at all. This gave the tournament to Gross, and he not only took down the first place pay day of $488,817, but also won his first ever gold bracelet.




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