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  • Steve Silverman Wins EPT Grand Final High-Roller

    Thursday, May 16th, 2013 by Ryan

We’ve talked quite a bit about the EPT Grand Final over the past few days, including the big event that featured one of the most talked about and followed final tables that I’ve ever seen. This was the Grand Final that saw Steve O’Dwyer take down the win, but he had to beat out some serious competition to be able to do so. Another event that we definitely have to talk about though is the 2013 PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Grand Final High-Roller event, which had a €25,000 buy-in. Players were also allowed to rebuy into the event one time if they wanted to. Apparently a few players did think that paying the double buy-in was worth their shot at taking down the title, and when all was said and done we had 158 entries into the event. From there, it was a strong 158 player field that would get things rolling along.

The final eight players out of the starting field who made up the final table were a pretty impressive group. This showed that whoever was able to get the job done at the end of the day was absolutely going to have to work for it. The group of players included the likes of Vanessa Selbst, Igor Kurganov, Anthony Gregg, and Toby Lewis, all of which were trying to get through the tough final table, and the already tough starting field to win the big first place pay day.

The total time for play was going to be a three day event, and when day three of the action began we actually weren’t quite down to our final table. There were 12 players left in the action at that point, and we actually saw a few other big named players get sent home before the final table was set. Two specific players that you may know include David Kitai, who is one of the very few Triple Crown winners, as he went home in 12th place, and also Sorel Mizzi, who went home in 10th place. Both players got solid pay days, but came up short of that final table and championship run that they came there for.

The final elimination before our final table was Kyle Cheong, who went home in 9th place to set up our eight player race. There were definitely some interesting story lines to follow at this final table as well, including the fact that Igor Kurganov won this same event last year, and was looking to go for back to back wins. Toby Lewis is a current member of Team IveyPoker.com, and he has been playing some incredible poker as of late. Vanessa Selbst on the other hand is simply one of the scariest tournament poker players out there today, and when she gets to a final table there’s a good chance that she could be there playing for a very long time. This was just a few of the many story lines at this final table.

While all three players that we just talked about started the action off fairly well, none of them could gain enough momentum to make that deep run and get into the talks for the championship. We saw Kurganov go home in 7th place after Victor Sbrissa was our first player knocked out. After that Chris Moore went home in sixth place, and the player we mentioned above in Toby Lewis was sent packing in fifth place. The player who made it the deepest out of the three was Selbst, who got knocked out in fourth place, and when the action was down to only three players they began talking about a potential deal. Fadar Kamar believed that he should have gotten more than an equity split, so he wanted to continue to play, and when he chipped up it looked like a great decision. When he got up to nearly even with the other players they all decided to take €760,000, and this meant that the eventual winner would get just an additional €15,000.

When all was said and done though, we found our winner in Steve Silverman, who is a professional poker player from the United States. Silverman has brought in his fair share of solid scores in live poker tournaments throughout his career, but he didn’t have a win under his belt until he was able to get the win here at the European Poker Tour’s High Roller event.

Silverman’s win paid him out €775,400, while both Tony Gregg and Fadar Kamar got €760,000 for their impressive runs through this tough tournament.




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