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    Thursday, November 8th, 2012 by Ryan

It’s never good news for the poker world when an online poker site or network has to make drastic changes, including being shut down. After Black Friday hit last year, many players have been searching for top online poker rooms, while some of the online poker rooms have been struggling to keep a consistent player base growing, especially after losing the United States players. With that being said, we’ve seen a few online poker sites have to close their doors after a good while of being in the business, as well as some good stories behind the sites as well. The tough news that came out today related to one of the oldest and most well-known poker sites on the internet today in Sun Poker.

Sun Poker has officially decided to close down their online poker site on Monday, and this ends a long tenure of ten years in the online poker industry. Any player who was still playing at Sun Poker or has money in their account saw their funds transferred over the Omni Online Casino as well, so you won’t have to worry about where the money seemed to “disappear” to. When Sun Poker originally came into the online poker world, it was as the Caribbean Sun Poker site in 2002, and they remained under that name for many years, and were actually considered one of the best and most popular online poker rooms out there. The site ran popular promotions and had a great feel to it as a whole, which is why many players enjoyed it.

They were originally a part of the Crytologic Network for quite a few years, and this site was actually one of the first online poker rooms to actually offer rakeback to their players. They also had some great bonuses that players really enjoyed, and many of them were actually given out monthly without even requiring players to make any deposit into the site in order to be able to get them. The site was and always has been very focused on European poker players, with games being offered in the currency of Euros and British Pounds. One of the most interesting parts about the Caribbean Sun Poker site was that they actually were very popular at the Omaha tables when they kicked things off originally.

The name change that came along with the Caribbean Sun Poker site came back in 2008 when they moved to the iPoker Network, and decided to make their name Sun Poker. The reason for the move had to do partially with the fact that the Crytologic Network struggling to keep traffic up on their network. Players were up and down about the idea of moving to the iPoker Network, partially because there was on rakeback offered, which probably had to do with some of the players from Sun Poker eventually ending up leaving the site.

The news that came out from Sun Poker directly related to the fact that the iPoker Network did some restructuring, and that these moves had played a role in the site deciding to close their doors. On the 1st of September, the iPoker Network split up into two different pieces, with seven online poker sites under their network being moved to “iPoker 2”, which was supposed to be focused on rewarding players who were considered to be profitable customers. An online poker room could only make their way to iPoker 2 if they had at least 6,000 active players per month, and added a minimum of 850 new players each month as well; and these players had to bring in at least $5 in rake or tournament fees each month.

The decision to make this split was in large part to break down the poker networks int ones that focused on the casual players who were just looking to play a bit and who the network felt would play much looser than serious players. In turn, this was going to mean that it would add to the rake, and possibly even mean that players would be redepositing money into their accounts more often due to not bringing in a consistent profit.

The comment that came out of Sun Poker was straight forward about this situation, as they stated about the changes that they could “no longer provide our valued members the poker experience they have come to know and enjoy at Sun Poker.” They went on to state that the decision now would mean that the company is going to “focus on what it does best: casino operations.”




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