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  • Talks of Cheating at 2009 Partouche Poker Tour

    Friday, February 8th, 2013 by Ryan

Cheating in any type of gambling is never something that you want to talk about though, but this most recent bit of news that came out draws some negative attention to one of the poker tournament series that has ran over the past few years. This tour is going to be the Partouche Poker Tour, and the year is back in 2009. The story came out when there was an edited video with different screen shots of the 2009 Partouche Poker Tour’s Main Event final table, and it has been going around all over the place on many different French poker websites as well. The video shows two players who were playing at the final table, and the two were signaling to each other throughout the video. The two players who were involved included Jean Paul Pasqualini, and Cedric Rossi. Obviously one key part as to why this is such a big deal is because the two players were able to finish in first and second in the event.

The story and the video seem interesting, but obviously things like this have probably been done before. After you check out the video though you are going to see a few interesting things that definitely catch your attention. As you watch the video, both players are constantly moving and using their hands more than you would ever expect to see at the final table of a major poker tournament, and the weirdest part was the two players touching their head, face, neck, and arms as well throughout play. All of these things had different meanings behind them.

The video goes on to explain the different touching of parts and what it all meant. It seemed that as the player moved down their face or body that their hand got weaker. This meant that if one of them would touch their head that it meant an Ace, if they touched their forehead it meant a King, the eye meant a Queen, nose meant a Jack, and mouth meant a 10. It went down further from there, as touching the neck meant that there was either an eight or a nine, and touching of the arms means that they had a small pair. The video runs over 8 minutes and 45 seconds, and you see the hand signals being used multiple times. One of the times that stands out is when a player has J-10 and you see them touch their nose and mouth at the same time. The video that was released is going to show everything and show them being used over and over again throughout play. Before anything is finalized about this situation, the final table video would have to be reviewed, and right off the bat Pasqualini came out and denied that this happened.

As far as what else stands out from the video, there was one time that really makes things look awful for the two. In the video you see a short-stacked Pasqualini fold Ace-King against Rossi when he was holding pocket Aces. Pasqualini raised the action, and then touches his head and forehead, and Rossi then re-raises and puts both hands on his head. Pasqualini then is shown grinning slightly and folds his A-K. This isn’t proof of anything, but it does warrant a further look at the story and the final table as a whole.

The Partouche Poker Tour has had a few controversies in the past as well, and we did a write up in the past about the controversy that came up with the guaranteed prize pool. This was last year, and it ended up being the final Partouche Poker Tour Main Event. Another story was when we saw a player in Ali Tekintamgac get kicked out of the final table because he was using spotters to signal hole cards.

All of this is really brutal to read, but in all honesty we haven’t seen an incredible amount of potential cheating stories coming out in the past, outside of the Partouche Poker Tour it seems. I’m curious as to why it’s just with this tour, and possibly if something is being missed in other tournaments, or if things just aren’t happening like this in other major events out there.




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