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  • Team America Lift Caesar’s Cup 2011 in Cannes

    Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 by Nadia

This week, Cannes played host to Caesar’s Cup 2011, which is part of the year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) schedule. The event saw Team America, led by Phil Hellmuth go head-to-head with Team Europe, which had Bertrand Grospellier at the helm, and come out the victor. This evened out the field between the two teams, as the one from Europe had won the first event held in 2009. Caesar’s Cup 2011 was the next to be conducted.

Both team captains have achieved quite a lot in the field of poker. Hellmuth, with 11 WSOP wins, is chasing his 12th bracelet from the tournament and Grospellier won his first this year. Each team had five players. Team America had Ben Lamb, Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Chan and Jason Mercier in addition to its captain. Team Europe had Jake Cody, Max Lykov, Tony G and Gus Hansen along with its leader.

First Variant

The event format was interesting and comprised of three variants. In the first, each captain had to choose two members. The pairs had to play their opponents using the same hand and stack. Each street had one player from the pair acting. Team America had Lamb and Mercier, while Team Europe had Cody and Tony G. The contest was structured to move fast with the blinds rising every ten minutes.

Mercier landed his team in a good place when he went all-in into a pot with pocket aces while Cody held a Kh 8h. The flop brought Js 9h 4h and the turn and river were not helpful for team Europe. The team was eliminated two hands after that when the 10h 8h in their hand couldn’t beat their opponent’s Qh 9s.

Second Variant

The next match was between two other pairs. Each captain chose two players from their team. The two pairs had to play alternate hands, but the same chip stack. Hellmuth and Negreanu went against Hansen and Lykov. At the beginning of the event, Team America was in the lead. However, Team Europe came to the fore when Hansen doubled against Negreanu.

Grospellier’s team got another push as chip leader when Hellmuth added about 30% of his stack prior to folding on the fourth street. Following this, it was easy for Hansen to send Team America to the rail. In the final hand, Negreanu went all-in under the button with 55,000 and Kh 8h. This move was called by Hansen who held an Ad 9s. The board showed 10s 5s 4s 7c 2s and favored Team Europe.

Third Variant

The third contest was a heads-up match between Grospellier and Chan. At the outset of the event, Chan was in the lead. He managed to hold his position for a large part of the first level. But he had to give in when Grospellier doubled up to make a stack worth 142,000 chips. Chan took the lead again when he doubled back and made 108,000. Following this, the blinds increased and just twelve and a half big blinds remained on average. With both Grospellier and Chan opting for a good amount of pre-flop action, the match ended quite quickly.




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