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  • The Final Table is Set at the 2013 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event

    Thursday, August 29th, 2013 by Ryan

We’ve continuously talked a good amount about the 2013 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open, mainly due to the fact that they went out on a limb and offered up the players a massive $10 million guaranteed prize pool, without really knowing how many people would end up buying into the $5,300 event when all was said and done. Fortunately for the event, they were able to get past that guarantee in a big way, and nearly cleared it by $2 million. This meant that first place was going to be prepared to get a huge pay out, but first we had to fight our way down to the final table before anything. Well, that time has come, and now that only six players remain and we have our final table set, it means that there is only one day left in the action. We saw 15 players get sent home on Tuesday, and this meant that the final six were going into Wednesday ready to roll.

The final table started out with Blair Hinkle holding the top spot in the standings, and was sitting with 22.8 million chips. There was definitely a good sized gap between the players, and Hinkle definitely had the upper hand, but another strong tournament player in Justin Bonomo is behind him and ready to make a move. Bonomo comes into the final day with 18.5 million chips. The drop off from there is another five million in chips or so, as Ray Qartomy has 13.05 million chips and is in third place. Fourth place is currently held down by Mukul Pahuja with 10.2 million chips, and then fifth and sixth place are our two short stack players who definitely need to get a double up pretty early in the action. Fifth place is Samuel Bernabeu Guilabert with 4.675 million, and sixth is Greg Lehn with 2.2 million chips.

The first place pay day here is a very nice $1.745 million, and as you can tell from reading above there are definitely some talented players left in the field. This tournament is being held in Florida so the action is underway, and we are fighting down to our eventual champion currently. Hinkle definitely is a popular bet to many, mainly because of his lifetime earnings in live tournaments of $1.77 million. He also has a World Series of Poker bracelet, which he won back in 2008 when playing in a $2,000 No Limit Hold’em event. In total he has 16 cashes at the World Series of Poker and three World Poker Tour cashes. To top it off he has also won two rings at different events on the WSOP Circuit.

Hinkle picked up a large chunk of his chips from Larry Klur, in large part thanks to the river giving him a hand. Klur started the action on the first hand with a 200k raise, and Hinkle called. The flop came out with Q-9-8 with two hearts, and Klur bet out 325k, leading to another call from Hinkle. Klur checked an Ace on the turn, and called a bet of 415,000 from Hinkle. Klur then checked the river dark and called Hinkle’s 1.6 million chip bet on the 3 of hearts. Hinkle showed 7-5 of hearts, rivering the flush against the Aces-up of Klur. Hinkle then knocked Klur out of the event in 10th place with a King hitting the river, which gave him trips against the pair of Ace’s that Klur was holding.

The final table bubble burst (six handed final table for this event) just before 7:30pm, so the players could head back to their hotels or their homes with plenty of time to get some rest. The final hand saw Ray Qartomy raise to 400k and Samuel Bernabeu Guilabert go all-in for 2.2 million. Panagiotis Nifakos called off the rest of his stack, a total of 1.615 million chips, and Qartomy folded. Nifakos showed pocket Queens, while Guilabert turned over A-K of diamonds. The flop showed a King to give Guilabert the best hand, and it held up from there. It was a tough fold for Qartomy too, as he folded pocket sixes and would have given him a set and the double elimination to make it a five handed day starting on Wednesday.

We will be sure to update you on this event as time rolls on, but keep your eyes on the action as well!




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