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  • The Good and Bad of the ISPT

    Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 by Ryan

The International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT) is getting some of the most hype out of any poker tournament in the history of poker. A key reason for this is because of the idea behind the tournament, and exactly what the game plan is for the tournament moving forward. The groundwork for the tournament is underway, and there have been many announcements stating that the ISPT is really going to happen in May of 2013. Even with all of the stories behind the tournament, not everyone is buying into the hype, as many people feel that this may be nearly an impossible tournament to put together. It’s a combination project between Laurent Tapie and Prosper Masquelier, but it’s one that is going to take some serious work to make happen. Today we are going to take a look at the potential concerns for the tournament, and also the things that are making us believe that it could really be happening.

Right off the bat, you probably remember the Groupe Bernard Tapie putting a stall on this tournament in their potential purchase of Full Tilt Poker. While that doesn’t stop things all together, it is also important to note that the website for the tournament no longer features the word “guarantee” along with it anymore. One other thing that points to the negative is the “how” of the entire deal. Basically the group is going to have to attract 30,000 players to come to London to take part in a £700 tournament. On top of that, there will be no online poker site that is going to act as the backbone of it all. After that, they are going to have to find 30,000 tablet computers for players to use, and get internet access inside of the stadium. Then take into account the fact that the players who are at the same table, cannot be sitting near each other, which is going to be incredibly tough to make happen.

There are some good things leading into this potential tournament though, starting with the fact that they have satellites open currently. There are satellites starting in Morocco, which means that things are at least moving forward to some extent. Also, if you remember us mentioning the fact that Michael Mizrachi has signed on as the ambassador of the ISPT, this is obviously a big move. You wouldn’t expect Mizrachi to jump on board with something unless he really strongly believed that it is set and going to happen. Last but not least, it’s worth noting that the Wembley Stadium has officially been booked for the tournament times, which means that this is probably one of the more positive signs to come out yet.

Regardless, if this tournament does end up happening, it’s going to be record breaking. The hype and excitement behind the ISPT is going to be massive, and I do think that with the amount of time that they have to build things up from here, it’s definitely possible that they land 30,000 players and get things sorted out. So if you are interested in this tournament, look into it a bit more!




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