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  • The Hendon Mob Terminates Ties with Full Tilt Poker

    Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 by Nadia

The Hendon Mob, a poker portal that was closely associated with Full Tilt Poker, has officially ended its exclusive relationship with the poker room. The poker portal was sponsored by Full Tilt Poker when its first deal with Prima Poker ended in late 2005. Full Tilt Poker has been embroiled in a few controversies in the recent months, since its operators were indicted by the US Department of Justice (DoJ). The site has also received a lot of flak for not paying its players after it was shut down early this year.

The Hendon Mob website is a database with information and statistics on players. It has data on the tournaments they have won, their earnings in events and rankings. The site also has information on the sites which sponsor the players. The Hendon Mob is run by four poker players from Britain – Barny Boatman, Ross Boatman, Ram Vasvani and Joe Beevers. The players were sponsored by Full Tilt Poker. Along with ending the company’s relationship with the poker room, the players have also stepped down as sponsored members of the poker room.

Players Yet to Receive Winnings and Points from Full Tilt Poker

As part of its affiliate deal, the poker portal provides links to Full Tilt Poker. Those who land on its pages, can access the poker room and sign-up with it if they want to. This has become a cause of concern for The Hendon Mob. On Sunday, it released a statement that expressed that it was worried about the players who had signed up with the poker room through the portal. This has played a role in The Hendon Mob ending its affiliation with the poker room.

The poker database until recently had a sympathetic attitude towards its former sponsor. Its website even stated that like others in the poker world, the site too has taken an interest in the developments in the industry and the problems that Full Tilt Poker had been facing. According to The Hendon Mob, players may have even signed-up or continued to be loyal to Full Tilt Poker because of this. In its recent statement, the site mentioned that it is aware that several players who have signed-up via The Hendon Mob are yet to receive money from the poker room. Players still have points and steps tickets in their accounts.

The site stated that going forward, it is committed to ensuring that its players’ best interests are protected – once Full Tilt Poker resumes trading. The Hendon Mob has emphasized that it does not take the loyalty of its patrons for granted.

Financial Constraints Key Reason for Terminating Affiliation with Full Tilt Poker

It clarified that the key reason for its break in ties with the poker database was financial. Currently, the site is running at a loss. Sustaining the site is not easy, especially in the long run. The database employs a sizable staff which is dedicated to maintaining and developing it. This allows it to provide those in the poker community with all that they expect from it. By ending its relationship with the poker room, The Hendon Mob will have the chance to explore new opportunities – both as players and as a site.




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