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  • The History of Online Poker

    Monday, September 27th, 2010 by t2admin

It has been around two centuries that poker has been played in various parts of the world. However, online poker is a relatively new phenomenon. Although online poker is still new it has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time and it is being played today by players from all over the world.

The beginning of online poker

The first ever website to introduce online gaming was Sportsbook and it had been followed quickly by online poker. Several online casinos had been introduced by mid 90s around the same time that sportsbook had been introduced. MicroGaming had been one of the leading names that had come up with online gaming during the 90s and today it is a leading software developing company for online casinos. Planet Poker had entered the scene in 1998 and it had been the first one to create an online poker room. For quite some time, it had been the first one of its kind.

The growth over the years

Over the years, several new and big poker gaming sites had been set up on the internet and had an initial rake of around 5% initially. The industry had been recognized later in 1998. Paradise Poker had been created in 1999 and it is considered to be a leader in this industry today. It was around the same time that Poker Spot had been created by Dutch Boyd. Poker Spot had been the leader in online poker tournaments for years. However, they did have to face quite a lot of problems. The company had failed when it did not manage to remit the winnings of their players and their deposits.

Third party services

With the introduction of third party services and internet banking like Netellers e-cash and e-wallet system, the popularity of online poker increased. The players were allowed to use their online wallets instead of having to use credit cards or wire transfer for depositing money to a poker site. This made it easier for the players to conduct their online transactions and over time, online transactions have also become much safer.

The popularity of online poker has steadily increased

With the introduction of Poker Stars and PartyPoker.com in 2001, the popularity of online poker has been steadily increasing. Paradise had still been the leader till 2003 but had been replaced by Party Poker because of its clever advertising. A lot of players had been attracted to online poker because of the launch of the World Poker Tour. Chris MoneyMaker is one of the most important players who have been responsible for the growth and the popularity of online poker.

Today, there are hundreds of online poker sites as well as various other sites that teach players how to play poker online. There are dozens of guides and manuals available as well as poker tools which can be used by players to make their game better. It can be safely said that online poker would definitely be very popular during the coming years.




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