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  • The Positives and Negatives of the Full Tilt Poker Potential Sale

    Thursday, October 6th, 2011 by Ryan

The recent purchase of Full Tilt Poker by the Group Bernard Tapie means multiple different things for multiple different people. For the players, this could be a great thing, for the online poker world, this could either be good or bad, and for the Tapie Group; this will have quite a few questions that will remain unanswered. There has been multiple different sources who have released information about the purchases and what it could mean for all sides, but it can be a bit confusing; so we are going to take a look at what good information has come out, and what bad information has come out.


We’ll start with the good news, as most people like to hear the good news first in order to prepare for the bad. The first and most obvious thing that will happen if this deal is completed, is that the players will be repaid the money that is owed. While there is over $300 million still owed to players world wide, it seems that they will be paying back each player regardless of where they were playing at. This really wouldn’t be an option for the new owners, as the only way that the company could return to the promised land, is if they repay all players; and they will then be able to move forward from there. If the Group Bernard Tapie is able to do this, it could also help their reputation with poker players all around the world for handling a situation that the past owners could not.

Another potential good thing to come out of this is that former owners and players who are owed large amounts of money could be offered equity shares. This is a “potential” good thing, because it would have to work out in the end for everyone, but the Department of Justice and just about everyone else will have their eyes on Full Tilt to make sure that nothing sketchy is going on. This is good news because there is no wiggle room for this company to mess around with this new possibly equity share situation.


Well right off the bat, we have some very bad news. According to multiple reports, it looks like the Tapie Group is hoping (or expecting) the Department of Justice and other places to help pay for the bill that is owed to all of the current players. The deal itself is actually awaiting a resolution of the civil matter with the DOJ, and Tapie has stated that he’s hoping to have investors put up at least a part of the money that is owed. This is the real issue honestly, as it’s unknown exactly what Tapie is looking for. Whether he wants them to cover 20% or 50%, this will be a tough situation to get around regardless of the exact amount. One other bad situation is that the




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