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  • The WSOP $50k Players Championship Opens With a Crazy Situation

    Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 by Ryan

The 2012 World Series of Poker is flying by it seems, and if you’ve blinked then you may have missed a few of the gold bracelet winners who have won events to this point. With that being said, one tournament that will most likely draw a ton of attention and you will probably be hearing a good amount about over the upcoming days is the $50k Poker Players Championship. This has been one of the top poker tournaments at the World Series for the past seven years, mainly because of the fact that players have to win in multiple different forms of poker in order to take down the gold bracelet and the Chip Reese Memorial Trophy at the end of the event. While this year’s event will still get a ton of attention, a few people may miss out on it as it’s actually not televised on ESPN this year. This also led to the tournament field going down in size a bit as well, drawing in 108 players and creating a prize pool of $1.4 million.

You can bet that those 108 players feature some of the best in the world though today, and that there were also many players who were just a bit on edge throughout the early stages of this tournament. One of the most interesting hands of the tournament to this point came during this day, and took over 30 minutes before things had finally settled down and been sorted out. We’ll explain the hand more in-depth below.

The table was playing Pot Limit Omaha, and there were a few limps to open up the action. After this Nicolai Yakovenko put out a pot sized raise, and was called by Viktor Blom and then by Abe Mosseri. The action then got back to well-known pro Shaun Deeb who re-potted a raise, and then Yakovenko decided to push all-in. This led to Mosseri taking an incredible 15 minutes to decide what he wanted to do with his hand. Mosseri began talking about his hand (which isn’t allowed because there was still action behind him), and Yakovenko then told Mosseri that he wasn’t all-in, because his raise was more than the size of the pot, which isn’t allowed in Pot Limit games. Someone then decided to call the clock on him (finally), and then Mosseri decided to call. He went on to lose the main pot to Deeb, who made a flush, but his Aces held against the KK33 of Yakovenko, this is when things went crazy.

When Yakovenko stated that Mosseri had “only said call”, they had to call over the floor. The first floor person stated that the turn and river cards would have to be re-run since there were still chips behind in the pot (with each player holding about 150k in chips). This of course sent Mosseri and Deeb off, and then the head floor person was called in to decide the action. They decided that the hand would stand as it was with players going all-in.

This was definitely one of the craziest hands that I can remember seeing at a major tournament, and one that will probably be talked about for a while down the road. Whena ll was said and done though, the day came to an end with 62 players remaining out of the starting 108. With that being said, be sure to keep your eye out for additional updates in the coming days about this event.




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