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  • Theo Jorgensen Robbed and Shot in Home

    Monday, December 3rd, 2012 by Ryan

We’ve had some tough articles to write about in the past, including Jonathan Duhamel’s home robbery, but this one is definitely going to take the cake I’d say. More and more in the past year or so we’ve seen some tough situations where poker players are honestly in need of some extra eyes to keep themselves safe. While this may come at times after big wins or big cashes in major tournaments that get a lot of exposure, there are also players who are more well-known in their areas and simply get attention from fans and others in their home countries. This was exactly the situation that came up with the Danish professional poker player in Theo Jorgensen this past weekend.

The news that came out was from a news magazine in Denmark that is called Ekstra Bladet, and the report stated that the popular poker player, and well known pro especially in Denmark, was shot in what was a home robbery last night. While he is currently in stable condition, the good news that came out of the situation is that the gun shot hit him in the leg. He remains at the hospital for now, and the situation as a whole is one that we’ve heard similar stories about in the past, but it never gets easier to hear, and definitely points out issues that need to be tended to relating to famous people who are constantly in the public eye.

It all happened last night (December 2nd) at around 10:00pm, and there were three men involved who forced their way into the home of Jorgensen. His home was in the Greve municipality, which is close to Copenhagen. Jorgensen was not alone in his home at the time though, as he was with his wife at the house, and the three men who came into the house wearing elephant masks and shot the player three times in the leg.

Obviously the two did not want anything to escalate beyond that point, so they pointed the robbers to all of the money that they had in their house hold, and according to the reports the robbers were English speaking. The money that was in the house ended up being around five-figures in kroner, and right after the robbers had fled the scene Jorgensen’s wife called the police and they showed up to search the property.

To this point there were no arrests reported from the situation, but all three of the suspects were male, and were between around five and a half and six feet tall. There are full reports about the clothes and outfits that were being worn, and also about what they looked out (outside of their faces obviously). In an interesting blog that Jorgensen wrote on his PokerStars blog around two years ago, he stated that he knew that he assumed a “much greater risk of bumping into robbers”, and also that there isn’t much he can do about it, “except what I’ve already done”, he went on to point out that he has an alarm system and lots of lights, but that robberts “aren’t aware of that before they break in.” It’s strange that this comes just two years after the blog.

Jorgensen has brought home some major scores throughout his career, and in total he has brought home more than $3.2 million in live tournament winnings. He has won both a World Series of Poker gold bracelet back in 2008, and also took down a World Poker Tour title in 2010 as well. Just back in September Jorgensen was able to finish in second place in the World Poker Tour’s Grand Prix de Paris event. He’s also a big part of the online poker world as well, and while there aren’t exactly reports about major winnings online, it’s safe to say that player as seasoned as Jorgensen is, that he’s probably brought in some big scores there as well.

We’ll keep you updated on Jorgensen’s status, but it seems that he is improving and is going to make a full recovery from this. Also though, there is a big factor of finding whoever broke into his house and shot him, and as you can imagine the police in Denmark are probably fully looking into the situation as a whole and doing whatever they can to get more information about everything.




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