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  • They Are in the Money at the WPT Prague

    Monday, December 5th, 2011 by Ryan

The World Poker Tour’s Prague event drew in some big names when all was said and done, which isn’t really surprising considering where it is played at. Prague is a destination that many people around the world dream of going to, so there is no better time to head there than to play in a big poker tournament like this one! A total of 571 players bought into the event, and will play down until the final table which will kick off on Monday. As far as where we are at now, Saturday began with 218 players remaining, and they had quite a few eliminations to make before they even made it into the money. The event is being played at the Kings Casino in the Corinthian Hotel. Saturday began with Casey Kastle at the top of the leaderboard, but there was movement very early on in the day.

A bit into the day, Steve O’Dwyer found himself atop the leaderboard after winning a few big hands, but it didn’t last very long. O’Dwyer got into a big pot against Mike Watson and Mike McDonald. To sum it up, Watson made a raise pre-flop, which led to a call by O’Dwyer. After that, McDonald decided to three-bet, which led to a four bet by McDonald. O’Dwyer kept the raising going by shoving all in for just over 250k chips. McDonald went on to fold after a minute, and Watson decided to call saying, “I guess you have aces but I call”. Fortunately for Watson, O’Dwyer turned over A-K, and he was way ahead. He held up when all was said and done, and left O’Dwyer with only 75k left in his stack. O’Dwyer was sent home soon after just outside of the money bubble.

When the money bubble finally busted, Martins Adeniya found himself at the top of the leaderboard, and saw Thomas Frandsen send Yury Gulyy home as the bubble boy. While Adeniya was the favorite to start the action today, there were quite a few other players who had a serious chance to threaten his run. Watson was one of the players who could definitely take down the event, which would be his second World Poker Tour championship. A few other names with healthy chip stacks are Bengt Sonnert, Benjamin Pollack, and Karen Sarkisyan.

The first elimination today (in the money) was Mike McDonald who was sent home in 63rd place. As of where we stand now, the players are inside of the final 27 players, and Adieniya finds himself atop the leaderboard still with 1.3 million chips, but is closely followed by the likes of Vojtech Ruzicka with 1.1 million, Stanislaw Kretz with 1.06 million, and Thomas Frandsen with 1.02 million. Two well known names in Chris McClung (670k chips), and Andrey Pateychuk (600k chips) are still remaining in the event as well.

With how well these remaining players have been playing lately, it should make for a very interesting final table when all is said and done. We’ll keep you updated on the action once we hit the final table until there is a winner finally crowned.




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