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  • Things to be Done a Bit Differently at the 2012 WSOP

    Friday, May 11th, 2012 by Ryan

The World Series of Poker has had some serious changes in the recent years, one of which had to do with the “fun” factor of the different tournaments that were offered. One of the biggest changes that bothered players quite a bit was the fact that the WSOP had decided to ban any table talk. While they were allowed to talk, they were not allowed to talk about what they had in their hand, or anything about their opponents hands, even when it was just two players involved in the pot. This is now the biggest change that has been made, as the WSOP officials have decided to lighten up a bit and let players do more of the fun things that they’ve missed out on in past years. There was a conference call on Tuesday to discuss exactly what the changes will be.

While most of the talk has still been shut down at the tables, they have decided to make modifications to this rule in order to give players more room for talking. The new rule is that you are now allowed to say anything about your hand at any time EXCEPT if another player at the table has a decision to make. This is a pretty good change from last year, when we remember seeing Daniel Negreanu get talked to about three or four times for talking and him arguing back that the “no table talk” rule is probably one of the most absurd rules in all of poker (and I agree).

Obviously Negreanu made sure to state how upset he was about the situation of the “no table talk” last year during the live broadcasts, and also through his blog as well, which probably played a role in the decision to change the rule. The officials from the World Series of Poker essentially admitted that they were too tight with the enforcement of these rules last year, and the Executive Director of the WSOP, Ty Stewart, stated that how they change dthings actually made it so that players were “afraid to use verbal strategy to out-man their opponents, which was been integral to poker.”

This was not the only rule change that was implemented though, as they also decided to create a rule change relating to the celebrations that occur at the poker table. If you remember back when Hevad Khan used to get incredibly crazy excited at the table, which resulted in the officials making it so players couldn’t celebrate in the same way after winning big hands. This policy has changed though, allowing players to celebrate more and show emotion, but they do have to keep it within reason to some extent and make sure that it isn’t too over the top.

Overall, it looks like these rule changes will be good for the 2012 World Series of Poker. Not only do they benefit players and allow them to remain involved in the game more, but it also makes it so that players who are watching the broadcasts will get a bit more enjoyment out of things as well. While we all love watching good poker, the table talk and hearing players thoughts is a huge part of the game.




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