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  • This Past Sunday is a Knockout for Poker Maximus

    Friday, March 16th, 2012 by Ryan

The Poker Maximus series on the popular poker sites like Lock Poker and Carbon Poker has been a hit to this point, and this especially includes this past Sunday. After a Sunday that included some excellent guaranteed tournaments and buy-ins that were high for some events, but also featured some lower buy-in tournaments for the more recreational players, players are now getting geared up for another weekend of big tournament action. The Poker Maximus has taken the Merge Gaming Network by storm, and has kept their name in the poker news quite a bit lately as well. This past weekend the series featured guarantees that included a $10k, $15k, $75k, and even a $150k guaranteed event. Now the series will move on to this upcoming weekend to see what type of results they get, but first let’s take a look at how well they did this past Sunday.

One thing that definitely drew the attention of all of the players is the fact that each event surpassed the guarantee that was set for it. This means that the prize pools were incredibly huge, and a standard $30 event that started with a nice prize pool of $15k, ended up having over $78k in the prize pool when all was said and done. This was because of the 2,603 players who bought into the event. As far as well-known players in the event, you’ll find that the Lock Poker pros are typically in quite a few of the events, and one well-known player, Matt Stout, actually finished in 4th place in this event.

The next event on the board was a Hold’em tournament with a $100+ buy-in. The prize pool was set at $150k, and once again it was slaughtered by the number of players who bought into the event. It was very surprising, but over 2k players bought into this event, creating a prize pool of over $200k at the end of the day. To sum up exactly what type of payout this was for the $100 entry, first place went home with a little bit less than $34k for their nice run.

From that point, there was a freezeout tournament that drew in over 4,000 players, and quadrupled it’s prize pool from $10k to $40k. Merge is so ecstatic about the results of these tournaments, that the prize pool for this was actually just a bit under $40k, but they decided to cover the additional $1k to get it up to $40k so that it was four times what the original starting guarantee was! This tournament pretty much summed up the incredible amount of interest that the Poker Maximus tournaments are drawing, and this should make for quite an interesting final week of action.

The biggest event of the day rounded out the action for this past Sunday, and it was a $200 buy-in event. The guarantee was set at $75k to start the day, but with so many people buying in (812 to be exact), that it more than doubled the guarantee up to $162k. This set up another first place pay day of over $30k for the eventual winner, and it ended an extraordinary day for the Poker Maximus series.




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