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  • Tips on How to Become a Professional Poker Dealer

    Friday, June 25th, 2010 by t2admin

One of them more interesting job choices you can look into is that of a professional poker dealer. This means that you don’t play the game, but rather deal the cards. In the past to be a professional o\poker dealer you had to live in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or be willing to work on a riverboat. Today, the abundance of casinos that are being run by Native American tribes, you can usually find a casino that is looking for card dealers relatively close to your own home.

The first thing you are going to be asked when you apply at the casino is what type of poker game you would like to deal. You should have answer ready. The more types of poker games that you are qualified to deal, the more likely you are to get hired as a dealer. If you are serious about being a poker dealer you should know how to deal Texas Hold ’em because it is the most popular of all the poker games. Being able to deal some the less popular varieties of poker will also increase the likelihood of you being hired.

When you apply for the job of a professional poker player, you should be prepared to answer lots of questions. The casino is going to be looking for dealers that know the game inside and out. Before you go to the interview you should read as many books about poker and watch DVDs on the subject as you possibly can. In addition to knowing the rules of the games you want to know about game strategy, and how to identify if someone is cheating.

Casinos are really picky about the people they hire, especially their dealers. When you apply for the job you need to be prepared for them to run a very extensive background check on you. If you have something in your background that you feel could be questionable, you should be upfront about it. Being honest about your background will help your chances of getting hired.

Just because you happen to know the game of poker inside and out does not automatically mean that you are going to be hired as a poker dealer. A good dealer can have a huge impact on how much business a table gets. A good poker dealer will be a skilled card handler, and also have a charismatic personality. A good poker dealer is someone who enjoys being surrounded by people and has an easy time connecting with new people.

The final thing that will need to happen before you can officially become a professional poker card dealer is make sure that you have any license that you need in order to deal card in your state of employment. In some cases you will be responsible for making sure that you are licensed and in other cases the casino will help you.

Once you have been hired as an official dealer at the casino you need to focus on being the very best dealer that you can possibly be. As an excellent dealer you will be invited to deal cards at tournaments and other events that could mean more money and job opportunities for you.




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