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  • Titan Poker to be featured in new movie

    Monday, February 22nd, 2010 by t2admin

Online poker rooms work hard to bring in players. A good way to bring in new players is through advertising. Many online poker rooms will team up with various groups to promote their site to bring in more players. Sometimes poker rooms work with sports teams and display their logo on uniforms or sometimes poker rooms host tournaments at land locations and display their logo on the table or with banners.
Titan Poker is one of the more popular online poker rooms and they have decided to promote their poker room in a unique way. Titan has cut a deal to be in the new John Travolta movie ‘From Paris with Love’ which is directed by Luc Besson best known for ‘Transporter’.

In the deal the main character of the movie who is an assassin, will be playing poker at Titan Poker. The film will also be featured at Titan Poker with a promotion which will maximize the marketing for both the movie and the poker room.

The movie starts Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Myers opposite each other. The plot of the movie is that Meyers plays James Reece a personal aide to the U.S. Ambassador in France and he has a side job as a low-level operative for the CIA. He wants to become an agent and get in on some real action.

He gets his first real assignment which sees him working with Charlie Wax which is played by John Travolta. The two must face off against terrorists and James soon finds himself a target and he must be protected by Wax to make it through the next twenty four hours.

The movie is a major action flick with guns and high speed chases so people shouldn’t expect Oscar material. It will be interesting to see Titan Poker featured in the movie as this will be the first time an online poker site has been featured on its own in a feature film.




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