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    Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 by t2admin

Last week we talked about the pro bounty tournaments that are being offered by UB.com and now we’re here to tell you that the promo will also be run by Absolute Poker although under a different name. The new “Toe-To-Toe” promotion by Absolute Poker will allow players to try and earn a huge bounty by knocking out the Absolute Poker Pro that’s hosting the event. You’ll still have the chance to win a prize pool in the tournaments as well and the bounty is just an extra prize that’s apart of the promotion.

There are a total of 5 tournaments being held every week at Absolute Poker, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities. You can win tournament tickets and tournament cash by knocking out the pro in the event, but you’ll first need to be lucky enough to be placed on the table with the pro. We’re going to take a quick look at the 5 Absolute Poker Pros that you’ll need to try and knockout in the upcoming weekly bounty tournaments.

• Every Monday night at 8:30PM EST play in the $75K Guaranteed Event with host Debo34. If you end up knocking Debo34 out of the tournament you’ll be instantly credited with $500 in Absolute Poker tournament dollars.

• Every Tuesday at 9:20 PM EST you can play in the $200K Guaranteed Event with host Trishelle. For the lucky player that knocks out Trishelle in the weekly event, you’ll earn a free ticket into the Sunday $200K Guaranteed.

• Every Tuesday at 9:00PM EST it’s time to play with host Hollywood Dave in the $25K Sniper Event. The player that ends up eliminating Hollywood Dave from the event will win a seat into the Sunday $200K Guaranteed.

• Every Wednesday at 9:00PM EST players at Absolute Poker can join the $80K Sniper Event with host Joe Sebok. If you’re the player that knocks Sebok out of the event you’ll instantly win $200 in tournament dollars.

• Every Saturday at 3:05PM EST P0KER H0 will host the $50K Guaranteed Event. The player that ends up eliminating the host from the tournament will earn a bounty of $300 tournament dollars.

If you win tournament dollars as a bounty the money will be credited to your tournament dollar balance immediately. For those of you that knockout the host in one of the events on Tuesday and win a seat into the $200K Guaranteed Event on Sunday, you’ll need to use your ticket on the upcoming weekend or the ticket will expire.




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