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  • Tommy Vedes Takes Down WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown

    Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 by Ryan

The World Poker Tour’s Seminole Hard Rock Showdown featured quite a bit of interesting poker throughout the event, but nothing was as entertaining or interesting as the heads up match that featured Tommy Vedes against a well-known player in John Dolan, who actually made it to the final table of the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event. Vedes came back from a huge chip deficit in order to get the job done, which made his win at this big event even more impressive. Not only did the win get him a pay day of $779,520, but it also won him a seat into the World Poker Tour’s World Championship event (worth $25,500).

When the heads up match between the two players started, Vedes was sitting behind a major chip deficit of 6.3 million to 2.535 million chips. Fortunately for Vedes, the blinds weren’t incredibly massive so he had a bit of time to look for some spots for key double ups, and he didn’t have to force the action either, which is exactly what he avoided doing. Vedes waited for his spots, and actually saw his stack fall to about 1.8 million chips before he finally was able to build up that stack a bit. On the 19th hand of heads up play, the two got their chips into the middle and Dolan turned over top pair, while Vedes had flopped the flush to give himself a huge pot. This left his stack right at 3.66 million and Dolan’s at 5.035.

Vedes remained patient once again for the next 12 hands, until he found another great spot to pick up some chips. The flop came down with the 7s-5c-3c, and the two got it all in once again. Vedes turned over Jc-7d for top pair, while Dolan had 7h-4h for top pair but with a weaker kicker. Vedes was able to dodge any cards that could have helped Dolan, and found himself with his first chip lead of heads up play at 5.68 million to 3.015 million. From there, it only took eight hands for Vedes to get the job done and win his second WPT title in his career. The two got it all in with Vedes holding Ad-10d against the Kd-6d of Dolan, and while the flop came out with a King and a six for Dolan, the turn was a Queen to give Vedes the straight. He was able to dodge a full house on the river and took down the championship and the nice pay day as well. Tommy Vedes was officially the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown winner.

For his efforts, John Dolan got the second place payday of a nice $459,360. This heads up match between Dolan and Vedes proves that even when you are the short stack and have your work cut out for you from the word go, that you can always make the comeback if you are patient and pick your spots well. Vedes won the championship with one of the most impressive heads up matches in recent memory, and he could definitely be a name to watch moving forward based on how well he played in this World Poker Tour event this past weekend.




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