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  • Tony Dunst Takes Down 2013 WPT Caribbean Main Event

    Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 by Ryan

One of the more well-known names in all of poker was able to come away victorious in a big time tournament recently. What’s even bigger about the win is that Tony Dunst is a well-respected, and big name in the poker community, and this was his first ever World Poker Tour win in his career. You probably know Dunst as he is the host of the Raw Deal on the different World Poker Tour broadcasts, but he took a break from the job to play in the World Poker Tour’s Caribbean Main Event, and it paid off in a big, big way on Sunday. Dunst’s win in the event was worth a very nice $145,000.

We started the action with just six players left to make up our final table, but while Dunst held the chip lead, it was literally by just a few chips over Severin Schleser. Dunst started out the action with 1,418,000 chips, while Schleser had 1,416,000 chips, which is one of the closest starts to a final table that I personally have ever seen. There were two other players who held over a million chips as well, with Robbie Bakker holding 1,069,000 chips, and Marvin Rettenmaier holding 1,046,000 chips. We saw a huge drop off from there with our final two players under 500k, as Giacomo Fundaro had 458k, and Zoltan Purak had 324k in chips.

While the two short stacks had a whole lot of work to do, it wasn’t either Fundaro or Purak who we saw get sent packing first. This was actually Bakker, as he lost in a tough spot. The flop came down with Ac-10h-5c, and he had pocket Aces. Dunst called his pre-flop bet, and when the 2d came on the turn Bakker started putting out the big bets, and was all-in when the Qc came on the river. Dunst was holding J-10 of clubs though, so he rivered his flush and knocked Bakker out in 6th place.

That was the 34th hand of final table play, and on Hand 55 Dunst got another knockout when his A-Q was able to better the pocket Eights of Purak, as a Queen came down on the river to send his opponent home. From there, we didn’t see another elimination for even longer, and it wasn’t until Hand 86 that we saw play go down to four players. This was when Rettenmaier, who had less than 400k in chips left, shoved all-in pre-flop with J-8 suited, and Schleser called with A-J. The flop came with an Ace, but Rettenmaier couldn’t improve his hand, and was knocked out in fourth.

It was Schleser who was the next player knocked out though, completing an incredible comeback for Giacomo Fundaro. Schleser was actually knocked out the very next hand after Rettenmaier was, as he and Dunst were raising at each other back and forth until they were all-in pre-flop, and his A-Q was far behind the A-K of Dunst. The A-K held and we were down to just two players for a heads up battle to decide who would take down the title. When the heads up play started, we had Dunst with a massive chip lead of 4,790,000 chips to the 940k of Fundaro.

Dunst didn’t have much of an issue taking down the title though. Fundaro doubled up one time, but that was just about it. On the 120th hand of the final table, we saw Dunst push all-in pre-flop with J-2, and surprisingly Fundaro called with K-3 suited, which looked to be a nice called. Unfortunately for Fundaro though, Dunst flopped both a Jack and a two for two pair, and that was all she wrote. Dunst took home the nice pay day, and Fundaro got a nice $100k for second place.

A very nice win for Dunst, who has definitely shown multiple times in the past that he’s just as strong of a poker player as he is an announcer. His announcing career actually started from getting picked up during different poker events, and his knowledge of the game was incredibly impressive. He’s always a player to watch when he’s involved in one of the tournaments that he gets a chance to take part in.




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