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  • Tropicana Shuts Down Jamie Gold Poker Room

    Friday, September 14th, 2012 by Ryan

Jamie Gold is one of the most well-known names in poker, even if we haven’t talked about him much in recent years for any major cashes or big time tournament wins. The reason for this is because of his incredible run to the World Series of Poker Main Event title way back in 2006. Another key reason though includes the fact that many people actually feel that Gold isn’t an incredibly strong poker player. I’d be willing to bet that if you asked a large percentage of the poker community their thoughts on Jamie Gold and his run to the Main Event title, that they’d say it was one of the best that they’ve ever seen a player run in poker. Outside of that Main Event, he has been a part of a few different things to keep his name out there, one of which was the fact that the Tropicana in Las Vegas renamed their poker room after the World Series of Poker champion.

It didn’t take long for the Tropicana to have a chance of heart on this decision though, as they have released Jamie Gold from his contract, and are now fully closing their poker room all together. The deal between the two sides only last seven months from the time that the poker room originally opened, to the time that it was shut down. There were a few different promotional events that were held in the poker room, but were unable to draw any real large number of players. There were also some poker training sessions with Gold held there (which apparently cost a whole lot of money), and some “celebrity” poker tournaments as well.

In statements that were released by the Tropicana, they essentially said that their decision to close down their poker room was in large part due to moving on with “different plans” in that section of the casino. They will be doing some construction on that area in order to rebuild it and continue to re-develop their entire casino and hotel as a whole moving forward. No one has released exactly what the Tropicana is going to be putting in that new space, but it’s likely that it will be slot machines potentially. Before it was closed down, the poker room was made up of eight cash game tables, as well as 30 different tournament tables in a different room.

There were signs of trouble before when Gold was on the 22Q Ironman Charity Podcast recently, and he stated that everyone was not really on board with the project of the poker room, but that he was happy there. He also of course talked about his $12 million win at the 2006 Main Event, and also the interesting situation that came up afterwards when there were reports that he was not paying out his percentage of winnings to a backer in the event. Gold explained that this situation was actually focused on who would pay the taxes on that percentage of the winnings, not about the actual paying out of the money.




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