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  • Turbo Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars Sets Records

    Thursday, January 31st, 2013 by Ryan

The massive online poker site PokerStars finds themselves at the top of the online poker rankings week in and week out based on the number of players that flock to the site. Currently what just finished up at PokerStars was the popular Turbo Championship of Online Poker, and the Main Event was taken down by a player from Sweden by the name of “frma1103”. The eventual win for the player brought in a nice pay day of $326,880, which is quite the pay day for a tournament that featured only a $700 buy-in. In total the field was record breaking, and ended up bringing 5,060 players before all was said and done. Six other players at the final table ended up bringing up wins that were worth six figures, which is definitely some life changing money. There was actually a seven-way deal that was set up between the final seven players.

There were quite a few different major events that were in the Turbo Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars, and quite a few record breaking events as well. Another tournament that drew in a nice pay day for the eventual winner was the $2,100 No Limit Hold’em High Roller event. This event was taken down by a player from Germany by the name of “Jeremiade”. The win for Jeremiade was worth a nice $382,812, and when all was said and done this was actually the biggest win for any player at the tournament series.

As far as a few of the record breakers go, the TCOOP Main Event that we mentioned above dominated the total number of players from last year’s event. This years 5,060 entrants just blew away the 3,667 players that were in the event in 2012. In terms of the total prize pool though, you’ll see that there was a total pool of $3,364,900 this year, which is nearly $1 million more than the $2,438,555 from last year! The High Roller Event was another one that drew in quite a few additional players to make another nice prize pool. In comparison to last year, there were 814 players who bought in, and this year featured 1,095 players. That created a prize pool of $2,190,000 vs. the $1,628,000 from 2012.

For those who are curious about the totals throughout the entire event, this massive online tournament series gave away a ridiculous $24,036,531.74 to players on the site. There were 50 total events in the 2012 TCOOP, and that is an impressive $9 million more than the $15 million guarantee that was set for the series. Last year’s numbers were about $5 million less than this total, so PokerStars is continuing to grow their site, tournaments, and of course popular tournament series’ as well.

A few tournaments that were definitely worth mentioning included the 42nd event that had 8,687 players buy-in to the $27 rebuy event. One of the PokerStars Pro players Marcel Luske was able to pull in a third place finish in this event, and the three way deal paid him out a nice chunk of change at $58,520.24. One tournament, or player at least who drew a lot of attention was Andrey “Korko-dill” Zaichenko. The reasoning behind the interest was that he was down to the final table in an event, and if he pulled off the win he would have been the first player to win a WCOOP, SCOOP, TCOOP, and a Sunday Million event. He managed to pull in a 7th place finish when all was said and done.

While there were some great players in the series, the 2013 Player of the Series was awarded to a player from Denmark by the name of “Tjepan”. With this win they earned the Champion’s Trophy, and also get to be a 2014 PCA package. He was 25 points ahead of Tinas21 when all was said and done, and ended with 270 points. The run in the series featured Tjepan finishing with two final tables, and 12 cashes throughout the 46 events that the player bought into.




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