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  • Two Poker Pros Arrested for Cheating at Craps

    Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 by Ryan

Many online poker players or live poker players who head out to Las Vegas to complete in big time poker games or poker tournaments, will turn to the craps tables during their breaks from poker games for a bit of additional gambling. We’ve all read a few stories about big named players like Phil Ivey, Jason Mercier, and many others who are big into play craps. The story was similar for two poker players named Veronica Dabul and Leo Fernandez, who are two of the best poker players to come from South America. They are also two players who are in quite a bit of trouble after being arrested for cheating at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas while playing craps.

The two players won over $700,000 over a one month stay in Vegas, but it seems that this hot streak wasn’t exactly just a hot streak in the end. The two players were arrested and charged by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and were said to have been “sliding”. Just hearing that sounds like something that you can’t do in a casino, and it is considered to be illegal at any casino all around the whole world.

The idea behind sliding is that players will manipulate one of the dice in their hand, which essentially makes it so that players aren’t exactly rolling the dice in a random way; but they are instead “sliding” them across the table. It is said that sliding voids some of the randomness of the game of craps, and any other dice game that you can play as well. This will not only affect the house (which is what the casino was mainly upset about you could assume), but it will also affect the other players at the table who don’t know that the “sliding” is actually going on. It is unknown exactly how much of an edge players get from sliding, but the idea is that it does help give an edge in the end; and definitely changes the outcome of the games.

It has actually been said that someone who is a very good slider, can change odds an incredible amount. An example of this is that the typical odds of rolling double sixes is normally 36 to 1. A player who is an excellent slider can actually make the odds of rolling double sixes as little as 6 to 1. The reason that sliding is so illegal, is that rolling double sixes pays out around 30 to 1 odds at a standard casino, which could obviously have a huge affect.

Both Dabul and Fernandez were held in custody before they were let go, and only time will tell what the outcome for these players will be. The biggest concerns for them currently is their potential banning from multiple different casinos around the world, which could result in them not being able to play in some major tournaments. Fernandez is also a PokerStars Pro as well, and could potentially lose the sponsorship from the massive online poker site.




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