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  • Ultimate Poker Deals Out It’s 10 Millionth Hand

    Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 by Ryan

In terms of competition for the new Ultimate Poker, it’s safe to say that there really isn’t much out there, and with that being said, it didn’t take long for them to get to their millionth hand dealt out. While the regulations for online poker were good to go over a year ago in the state of Nevada, no one really got things rolling until Ultimate Poker did. They opened their doors in April, and this made them the first site to open up for players in Nevada. The major milestone that was hot came only three months later, and this was when Ultimate Poker hit that 10 millionth hand. When this hand was hit, it made us wonder why no other online poker sites have come up recently to get their businesses going in the state of Nevada, so that’ll be something to definitely watch for.

The 10 millionth hand was hit on Thursday, and it took just a week after the celebration was officially set up. After 9 million hands were reached, players on the sites were all over the cash games trying to take advantage of the other 21 milestones that were to be awarded out there, and it all went to the big time 10 millionth hand. The awards were given $500 to the winner of the hand, and each other player at the table was going to get $50 for being in the hand. The big pay day though came from the 10 millionth hand, and this was the one that all of the players were looking at and trying to make sure they were a part of.

The 10 millionth hand was dealt at 1:22pm on Thursday afternoon, and it was actually won by a player that you very well may know. Not only that, but the player who won the pot and the $5000 award was Steven Kelly, who is a professional poker player playing under his screen name of “Steve Kelly” on a $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold’em table. The pot was $6.85 and he won it with ace high, but every other player at the table also earned a nice chunk of change that was worth $500. Kelly is fresh off of five cashes at the 2013 World Series of Poker, and he has also pulled in $1.1 million in career tournament earnings throughout his career as well.

As you can imagine, the Ultimate Gaming front was very excited, and the Chief Marketing Officer of the site, Joe Versaci used the words “incredible” when talking about the fact that they’ve hit 10 million hands in only three months of action. It just shows how far that the site has gone and how much they are going to continue to grow from here. The celebration has helped Ultimate Poker work their way up the rankings, and they are currently the 33rd ranked online poker site out there.

Caesars Entertainment did an interesting bit of promotion through the World Series of Poker, and the hype behind their potential release was big, but nothing has come just yet. It was said that the Chief Executive Officer and president, Gary Loveman showed a good bit of excitement on a conference call about the online poker site apparently opening up during the third quarter of this year, but there wasn’t an exact date that was set in stone for the site. The deal is supposed to be a pairing of Caesars Entertainment and 888 Holdings, and there were also talks of Boyd Gaming and South Point Poker also potentially getting things rolling soon.

The question of competition has been a big one, but whatever sites do open up in the near future are going to need to make some serious noise to catch up to Ultimate Poker. A big number of players have started using Ultimate Poker, and the new sites are going to need to have some attractive perks to get players to head over to their sites, which is something that is definitely possible. I am pretty excited to see what gets rolled out in terms of other online poker sites that will be the competition for Ultimate Poker.




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