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  • UltimateBet Launches Pro Free roll Challenge

    Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 by t2admin

One of the most popular online poker rooms available on the internet today has announced a new event. UltimateBet has announced the Pro Free roll Challenge. The Challenge will see UB poker pros hosting free rolls while trying to have the most players show up to compete.

Each pro will be assigned a free roll and it will offer players $2,000 in prize pool money. Players are of course going to compete as it is a free roll but the poker pros have been told by UB that they can sweeten the pot to try and bring players in. it will definitely be interesting to see what types of incentives the pros are willing to give out to bring the players in. will it be lavish trips to a big poker tournament or could it be a private lesson with a top poker pro? It could really be anything!

The pros can offer whatever they want to get players to compete in their free roll. The free rolls will take place throughout the year at different times with different pros hosting each event. At the end of the year the pro who has the most players compete in their free roll will win the challenge.

The King or Queen of the Challenge will be named at the end of the year and the winning poker pro will earn $2,500. The money won can be used for a night out in Las Vegas, which might not seem like much, but wait there’s more. The pro that attracts the lowest number of players to their free roll must spend the night being the winners’ concierge in Vegas. They must do what the winner would like, which stinks for the loser!




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