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  • UltimateBet Offering Date with Tiffany Michelle

    Monday, April 12th, 2010 by t2admin

There is a small group of female poker pros that have quite a following in the poker industry. The female pros are not only good at poker but they are also beautiful as well. The pros pose for magazine covers and photo shoots to show off their beauty as well as their skills. Many fans of poker dream of spending time with a poker beauty. Now one lucky winner will get that chance.

UltimateBet is teaming with one of their poker pros to offer their players a chance of a lifetime. Poker pro Tiffany Michelle is one of the online poker rooms exclusive pros and she is offering a player a chance to win a one on one date with her.

The winner of the date will be able to come to Los Angeles for a date and she is paying for it. Tiffany Michelle will be hosting a free online poker tournament for players to try and win the date with the poker pro.

The tournament will take place on April 28th at 8:30 pm ET and the winner of the tournament will have the date of a lifetime with the poker pro. The lucky winner will get to board a play to Los Angeles, go to a Dodgers baseball game, and meet Tiffany for dinner at a top LA hotspot.

And is that is not enough the poker pro will then take the winner to a Celebrity Poker Event where the winner will get to meet celebrities and poker pros. And in the process the winner will also get to play for prizes and play poker.

It is not often that a regular Joe gets a chance to go out on the town with a top poker pro. The date is definitely going to be an interesting experience so the winner is sure to have a good time going out on the town with UB pro Tiffany Michelle.




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