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  • United States Government Seizes Bodog.com Domain Name

    Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 by Ryan

The United States Department of Homeland Security has officially struck again. Some people actually assumed that after they took the domain names of popular online poker sites like FullTiltPoker.com, PokerStars.com, and AbsolutePoker.com, that this would be the end of a stretch of painful losses for the United States poker players out there. Unfortunately, they weren’t done there, as Black Friday as showed the site taking sites like DoylesRoom.com and TruePoker.com within a month after that. Things have only gone even more down hill from there though, as it was recently reported that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has also seized one of the most well-known domain names out there today, Bodog.com.

The news came yesterday from Bill Beatty, on his website Calvin Ayre.com. Beatty is the founder of Bodog, but he said the only reason that they had found out about this occurring was because of the “leaked VeriSign notice sent to the international registrar managing the domain.” As far as the people who actually use Bodog and their site, they most likely found out the news as they head over to the Bodog.com site and saw the notice that the site was seized, and also the logos for the US Department of Justice and the DHS as well.

Beatty actually didn’t seem too concerned about the situation, which is very interesting as well. He made some good points though, as he stated that the organization is not only based outside of the United States, but that they also left the market last year. Even more interesting is the point that Beatty made about the fact that the domain which was seized (Bodog.com) hasn’t been used globally for even longer. Overall, Beatty simply seemed focused on moving his business forward, and not the fact that their original domain had been seized by the DHS.

As many Bodog players and online gamblers alike know, BodogBrand.com did announce that they were moving out of the United States market in this past December, but actually opened up a new site just after that called Bovada.lv, which is for United States based players. This site has been up and rolling since just before the new year, and seems to be doing fairly well for American online gamblers that are looking for a place to take their action.

It will be interesting to see also what happens with the popular sites that also use .com domain names such as BetOnline.com, the Merge Gaming Network, and Sportsbook.com to give just a few examples. Many people (including Beatty) feel that this could be a scare tactic towards these other sites, which would make a lot of sense, and may or may not be the direction that the US DHS is headed.

While the US DHS has seized Bodog.com, this doesn’t mean that any Bodog players will have to worry about places to go to get their action in. Both Bodog.eu and Bovada.lv are both still up and running, and have had no reports of any types of issues moving forward.




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