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  • US Online Poker Site Lock Poker Adds New Pro

    Monday, February 13th, 2012 by Ryan

Lock Poker has quickly worked its way up the ranks in terms of online poker popularity, and this is especially true in the United States market. While Lock Poker not only offers a strong range of online poker cash games and tournaments, they also boast a pretty impressive professional roster as well. This is called their Team LockPRO Elite roster, and they’ve added quite a few names in 2012 so far. While many people were already impressed with the haul that they’ve brought in, it looks like they weren’t done yet, as they’ve decided to add Pedro “pls3betme” Maia to their roster. Maia is a poker pro from Portugal, who has brought in some impressive results in the past.

A few of the other additions that the site has made include Chris Moorman, who is one of the most well-known poker players in the game today, Nicky Evans, Leo Margets, Kevin Vandersmissen, and Melanie Weisner. Those are just the NEW additions, as the site already has Eric Lynch, Matt Stout, Brett Jungblut, and Casey Jarzabek along with quite a few other names as well.

While Maia isn’t quite as well-known as a player like Moorman is, he has been incredibly consistent. He’s been a strong tournament player in his home country of Portugal, and only began his career just about five years ago. It took him two years (in 2009) before he decided to make playing poker a full time job, and quit his regular nine to five job. He multi-tables quite often, and you’ll find that his name seems to consistently end up at the top in terms of rakeback brought in each month. The addition of Maia shows that Lock Poker is looking to expand their site all around the world and pick up big names from many different countries and locations, and they’ve definitely got a strong one in their most recent player.

Maia won’t be the only well-known player in Portugal to be featured as a Lock Pro on this site, as a good friend of his Francisco “yuranpt” Santos is also a part of the roster there as well. Santos had quite a few nice things to say about Maia, including stating that he “sets his goals and he goes after that with passion and determination.” He also said that Pedro is a “close friend of mine, and I feel honored to have him with us.” Both of these two players could definitely become one of the first Portugese players to win a gold bracelet, and they are both names to keep an eye out for in 2012 as well.

For those players who haven’t heard too much about Lock Poker, they are one of the largest online sites on the Merge Gaming Network. Merge is huge in the United States, and Lock Poker is paired with Carbon Poker as two of the sites that have become a go-to site for United States poker players. Merge is currently ranked number one in the United States for online poker, and they are showing no signs of slowing down because of their strong software and the fact that they are excellent with customer service as well.




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