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  • Viktor Blom Defeats Eugene Katchalov in 4th Edition of the PokerStars Superstar Showdown

    Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 by t2admin

Viktor Blom and Eugene Katchalov met in the 4th edition of the PokerStars Superstar Showdown this past Sunday and it was the most exciting showdown we’ve seen thus far. In case you missed the 1st three showdowns we’re going to give you a quick recap. Blom had a 2-1 record coming into this match with wins coming against Tony G and Daniel Cates. Viktor lost the 1st match he played against Isaac Haxton, but hasn’t lost since.

Eugene took an early lead in the Superstar Showdown on Sunday and was quickly up about $10K after 75+ hands. There weren’t any big pots in the early stages of the match until an all-in hand that Viktor won. Before the all-in Blom had a small lead, but it was extended to over $11K once he won the $20K all-in pot. Katchalov ended up catching Blom in chips and even took over a nice chip lead around the middle of the 2500 hand showdown.

After Eugene built up a lead he lost it all when his pocket eights didn’t improve against Blom’s pocket aces. Blom continued hitting a lot of great cards on the turn and river and soon had an even bigger lead. Katchalov was running into a cold deck most of the night although he was able to chop away at the deficit and cut it down to around $25K with the final 1000 hands still to be played.

At this point in the tournament the cards started going in Blom’s favour the rest of the way and he was able to build up a huge profit considering the players only played a total of 2500 hands. By the end of the fourth PokerStars Superstar Showdown Blom has amassed a profit of $111K, which happens to be his biggest win so far by a long shot. This match was proof that a poker player can run good when the cards are falling into place, which was the case for Viktor Blom.

There were quite a few hands that Blom was behind in and caught up on the turn or river in the match, but that’s poker and you need to be able to deal with the ups and downs of the game. Many people think that Daniel Negreanu might be the next player to challenge Viktor Blom in the PokerStars Superstar Showdown, which in my opinion would be an awesome match-up.




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