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  • When Day 6 Ended, Only 27 Players Left in the Main Event

    Monday, July 15th, 2013 by Ryan

The 2013 WSOP Main Event is going to pay out one heck of a pay day to the eventual winner (as expected, and as we’ve seen in the past). In total, first place is going to end up getting paid out more than $8.3 million, and anyone finishing in 7th place or better is going to pull in a pay day of more than $1 million. The tournament obviously is one of the most talked about and followed for a good reason, and it also has an amazing structure that the players really enjoy. This year the field drew in a total of 6,352 players, and obviously some of the best of the best showed up to play. While there aren’t a ton of massively big names left, there are definitely still some big names left in the field. On top of that though, there are 27 total players left when Day 6 came to a close, and we are slowly getting closer and closer to the November Nine. Let’s take a look at who we had left going into the final three tables.

Day 6 started off with 68 players, and when it was over we saw Anton Morgenstern, who is German-American sitting with the chip lead, as he was holding 21.955 million chips. He has a big lead over the next closest player in Sylvain Loosli, as Loosli has 14,125,000 chips. From there it’s a two million chip drop to third, so as you can tell, the leader has a good grasp on the top of the leaderboard. Morgenstern is going to come in with a big win for Germany, just a few years after Pius Heinz was able to pull out the huge win back in 2011. Interestingly though, Morgenstern hasn’t pulled in a ton of scores in live tournaments, and really just started playing in live tournaments around a year ago. Coming into this years Main Event though he did get three WSOP cashes throughout his career though, with one coming during this years’ series.

As far as the other players who you may know who are still remaining in the Main Event, there are absolutely some names that have a very solid following. One player ins a one-time Main Event Champion in Carlos Mortensen, who won back in 2001, and he is in 5th place with 10.790 million chips. Currently, Mortensen is the top earning Spanish poker player of all time, and is the leading money winner out of anyone on the World Poker Tour as well.

One other name that may catch your eye is Steve Gee, especially since it seems like just last year that he was here. This is because he actually WAS here last year, and he made it to the final table. He finished 9th last year, and he could be the first player to make back to back Main Event final tables since Dan Harrington back in 2003 and 2004. It’d be incredibly impressive for Gee to do this, especially since there were more than 6,000 players in both of these events, making it one heck of a feat. Gee’s run this year mixed with last year with be impressive regardless though, but he is currently sitting with only 3.160 million chips.

A few other names that you may know by now include JC Tran and David Benefield, both of whom are going to need to chip up fairly quickly, as Tran has only 1,970,000 chips, and Benefield has just 1,840,000 chips.

As you know by now, anything can happen in poker, and that’s especially true for the Main Event. We’ve seen some crazy things happen over the past few years, and the live coverage of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event is going to kick off on ESPN on July 23rd. We’ll keep you updated on how the final three tables wind down though, and once the November Nine is set, we’ll have to take a more in-depth look at the field and break down who it looks like could end up winning this years massive first place pay day, and of course the most sought after gold bracelet that there is.




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