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  • Where We Are One Year After Black Friday

    Sunday, April 15th, 2012 by Ryan

It’s now official, after one full year since Black Friday hit the United States and the online poker world, poker is still alive and kicking for those of us who enjoy playing online. But it’s been a huge change to the online poker world for those of us who play in the United States, and one of those changes not only comes from the sites that we can play on, but also the games that are offered, as well as the limits that are available as well. There were four major sites that were hit by Black Friday, which included Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Absolute Poker, and UB Poker. Two of the three have closed down, another one was forced to shut down, and the other one repaid all of their players and is still in business and ranked as the number one poker site in the world.

While Full Tilt Poker has found themselves in the midst of legal battles throughout the past year, it seems that they could be on their way back within the next few months here as rumors of a buy-out swirl. Full Tilt returning would give a major boost back to the online poker world, but we’ve seen many new online poker sites rise up from nowhere to become serious contenders in the game. Sites like Carbon Poker, Lock Poker, Cake Poker, and many other of the sites that were considered “mid-level sites” are now thriving with players looking for places to take their action. One of the key reasons why they are gaining so much additional traffic has to do with the fact that many people love the guaranteed tournaments that they are offering, and also the different cash games that are available.

As far as PokerStars go, there’s simply a reason why this site is so incredibly popular currently. Obviously PokerStars was one of the top poker rooms in the world before Black Friday occurred, but they did everything right after April 15th of last year, part of which was admitting that they were in the wrong and making sure to return the money that was owed back to players. Players then found themselves trusting this site which remained reliable, and continued to offer some of the best poker games on the internet for players as well. Now, you’ll find excellent guaranteed tournaments and high stakes cash games, as well as some of the biggest names in poker still on this site.

So while online poker may not be quite as popular as it was back in 2011, you’ll find that the game continues to grow, and that all things are pointing upwards when it comes to the future of online poker. The game itself remains incredibly popular, and the bulk of the online poker pros have found homes that allow them to play the game they love and continue to keep their full time jobs. On top of that though, those fans who just love playing for recreational purposes still have plenty of options to continue to play as well!




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