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    Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 by Ryan

Poker trackers are one of the newest and best tools for online poker players today. Many players who are looking for ways to better their poker games all around use these trackers to try to increase their profits in online poker. One of the best ways to actually learn online poker in general is to use a tracker, as they help you gain additional info about not only your play, but about your opponent as well. Right off of the bat, it can tell you what percentage of flops, turns, and rivers that you are seeing, and also how often you are going to showdown. On top of this, players can also go back and look at hands over a long span of play to review their play and see what they need to change and how they could have won more or lost less in a specific hand!

For players who are looking to focus more on their opponents play, a poker tracker is good specifically for players who typically play in the same limits on one online poker sites against some regular players. This way you can make notes about players, how they play, and how loose, tight, aggressive, or passive that they are. The general idea behind poker trackers is that it is supposed to give players an edge against their opponents. The best part about online poker trackers is that they will help players regardless of if they are cash game player, or tournament players. We are going to take a look at a few of the reasons why online poker trackers are a must.

One thing about poker trackers that many people don’t think about when deciding on whether or not to use one, is that they actually track your profits or losses for each session of poker. Say that you sit down and play for a three hour session, you can go back and upload your hand history and look at your overall profit or losses for the session. On top of that, we all know how bad it is to take bad beats, but most trackers will actually tell you how often you were ahead and what your profit could have been if you had held up in those situations when you got it in ahead. This is a great way to keep focus and break down how well you have really played throughout a poker session.

Most online poker trackers are not incredibly costly either. Many of the trackers will offer different types of their software so that you don’t have to purchase the entire thing. So if you are a micro stakes poker player, you can buy a tracker that focuses solely on that. Or if you are only a Hold’em player, there are trackers that handle that and do not include Omaha as well. The best part of all is that you’ll find that many online poker trackers will offer players free trials of their software to make sure that you like it and feel like it is worth your while to use. So if you don’t enjoy one tracker, you can give a different one a shot!




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