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  • Will Erika Moutinho Make the Final Table in the 2011 WSOP Main Event

    Friday, July 15th, 2011 by t2admin

One question that a lot of poker players have been asking is whether they think Erika Moutinho will make the final table or not this year at the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event. A woman has never made the final table in the WSOP Main Event, but there have been a few women that have come close over the years. If you watch the television show Amazing Race you may remember two poker players on the show. Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle both made a deep run in the WSOP Main Event, but neither of them could crack the final table.

Erika Moutinho has been playing amazing poker in the Main Event and she may make the final table. At the time of writing this article the players are on the tables right now playing live, but Erika is still in the tournament. She only has about 2.5 million chips right now and is done a few hundred thousand chips on the day, which isn’t a good sign. Erika is currently near the bottom of the leaderboard right now, but she has enough chips to make a move still and make the final table.

To break the top 9 right now you would need to reach the 8M chip mark roughly, but that’s going to change as more people are eliminated from the tournament. There are only 35 players in the tournaments right now and the number is going to become smaller before tonight is over. Erika’s boyfriend is also a poker player and he’s still in the Main Event, which means the couple has set a record for both making it this deep in the Main Event.

David Sands is in 34th place right now and on the brink of elimination, so he needs a double up shortly or else he’s going to be in big trouble. The blinds are high and he’s going to need to do some work to stay in the tournament. If Sands and Erika make the final table it’d obviously be the 1st time a couple have both made the final table of the Main Event. Both players haven’t played any big pots against each other yet, but wouldn’t it be special if one of them eliminated the other one at some point during the tournament?

The November Nine is closing in at a fast pace and it won’t be long before we can tell you who ended up making the final nine this year. Like in years past, the final table won’t be played out until November, but the action will be aired live and it makes the WSOP Main Event the absolutely best poker tournament in the world.




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