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  • Winner of Event #4 in 2013 WSOP in the Books

    Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 by Ryan

The 2013 World Series of Poker is fully underway, and the fans and players are in a complete frenzy. If you’ve checked out Twitter recently, and you follow any poker players, you can get some serious updates about their play and many different insights about the World Series of Poker. It’s definitely a fun time for poker players and fans, but as you can imagine, the players are locked in on trying to make some serious money. There are many events that are getting some attention, but here we are going to look at a gold bracelet that was just awarded in Event #4 of the WSOP. There were many tournaments and games being ran throughout the weekend though, and that includes some smaller games as well for players. Let’s take a look at the fourth event in the WSOP which was held at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino.

The fourth event in the World Series was a $1500 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em event, so we had a good chunk of big named players, and it was also mixed with some strong unknown players as well. The field actually started out with a total of 1069 players, and while it was a six handed event, we saw seven players come back for the final day of action. This meant that we had to get one more elimination before the final table was actually set. The leader to start the day was Mike Mustafa, while Manig Loeser, who is a European poker pro was sitting in second place. Interestingly though, many players were locked in on the 2009 Main Event winner Joe Cada, who was looking to grab another nice win. The other players who rounded out the final seven included Eric Blair, John Beauprez, Zohar Spivack, and Keven Stammen.

It took just 12 hands before we were down to our official final table though. Beauprez raised the action and Spivack then three bet from the small blind. Beauprez then four bet, and the two went back and forth until they got their chips into the middle. This left Spivack’s tournament life at risk, as he was holding A-J and was against the pocket Jacks of Beauprez. A Jack came on the flop, and Spivack’s exit in seventh place was all but done at this point. He got a little bit of help on the turn, but couldn’t better the trips of Beauprez.

On top of the fact that we were set with the final six now, it also meant that Beauprez pushed himself into second place behind Mustafa. He then sent home Stammen in sixth place, and Mustafa actually doubled up Blair twice, meaning that he was going to be dropping down the leaderboard. Blair actually jumped above Beauprez with four players left, and Mustafa was knocked out by Blaire in fifth place. From that point though, the action slowed down quite a bit, and we saw 60 hands go by with the players just going back and forth at each other. Blair had some tough luck, and one had specifically was when Loeser was all-in against Blair and turned over pocket sevens against the A-Q of Blair. A Queen came on the flop, but Loeser was able to hit a seven on the turn to take the hand. Before long, Blair was actually at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Loeser kept building from there, and knocked out the fan favorite Joe Cada in fourth place, as he was able to flop a flush with A9s, and that left Cada going home with his A-7. Beauprez was able to build his stack up though by sending Blair home in third place, and this set up our heads up match with Beauprez actually holding a slight chip lead of 165,000 chips.

There wasn’t any crazy action right off the bat, as the two players sent chips back and forth to each other over about 40 hands. Finally though we had a big hand, where Beauprez called a three bet of 220k from Loeser, and the flop came down with A-6-7. Loeser bet out, but was re-raised by Beaurpez, leading to a call. The turn was checked through when a Jack came, and after a five on the river, Loeser bet out 390k. Beauprez made the call, and Loeser showed pocket Queens, leading to a muck from Beauprez.

That wasn’t it though, because it took Beauprez only eight hands to even things up. After that Beauprez just continued to build and grow his stack, and when all was said and done, he saw his A-8 pair the eight against the A-K of Loeser. This sent John Beauprez home as our champion, with a pay day of $324,764. For second place Manig Loeser won $200,698.




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