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  • Winning Poker Network No Longer Taking Additional Rake for “The Beast”

    Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 by Ryan

In one of the moves that we saw the Winning Poker Network (WPN) make a bit
ago that was definitely not approved by the players on the network, there
has been a reversal, or a change of heart from the network. The WPN
decided that they were originally going to raise up the rake, and take
additional money out of the pots so that they could help build up the
jackpot promotion, which is called “The Beast”. This wasn’t something that
the players were fond of (obviously), and the site has now decided to go
ahead and backtrack on that decision, and no longer charge additional rake.
Now, so that they can build up The Beast jackpot, they are going to be
taking money out of their own pockets, and it will be free to all of the
customers who play on the network.

The promotion is pretty straight forward, and it is set up as a progressive
points race. The players who play on the network are going to earn points
for each and every hand that they play at any of the jackpot tables. The
only thing that must be noted is that in order for you to receive the
points during play, there has to be at least four players dealt into the
hand. It works in a way that we are used to seeing a bad beat jackpot
where at any of the other online poker sites out there. Players are
charged a small fee above the rake, and that money is going to go into the
jackpot that players are hoping to hit.

Each player at the table is going to get points that are based on what
stakes they are playing at. The points are then going to be divided up
amongst the players who actually put money into the pot on that hand. Each
player is going to have their points added up on a weekly leaderboard, and
the top point earners are going to get different prizes, which are going to
include cash as well. The leader for a specific week could end up winning
prizes of more than $2,000 and special tournament entries just for an
example, and we’ve seen some big prizes get awarded to the players who
remain the most consistent on the network. The jackpot on the site is just
over $22,000 right now, and the tournament package jackpot is over $8,600.
When the week closes (this Friday at 11:59pm), then the prizes are going
to be sorted out and given to the players.

Now, the new changeover for The Beast hasn’t started just yet, and it will
kick off on April 5th. The structure is going to be different, and it will
start with their decision to make every cash game table out there award
points for The Beast, instead of just having certain tables that will award
it, and adding on extra fees that are going to help to build up the
jackpot. There are going to be no additional fees attached either to get
money added into the jackpot. This means that the standard rake that is
taken out of a pot is going to contribute to The Beast, so the house money
is actually going to be what will be building up the jackpot. The numbers
exactly are set at two cents for every six cents of rake that is taken will
be going to The Beast jackpot.

The idea is a good one by the site, at least for the players, and it’s
likely that they are trying to build up their cash game traffic. The
jackpot tables were basically splitting up the traffic on the site, and it
meant that there were less players at times in certain spots. By doing
this, the traffic should just be at pretty much any table, as all of them
give you a shot at winning the jackpot. Any cash game player who plays on
the site now has a shot to take down some nice cash at the end of each

If you don’t know much about the Winning Poker Network yet, they are one of
the few networks that allows United States players, but is not regulated on
any state level. The network has brought in 375 cash game players over the
past seven days, and this ranks them as 23rd overall in terms of network
size. In terms of sites and networks that allow United States players, it
ranks them only behind Bodog, even though Bodog is far ahead in terms of
cash game traffic at 1,500 players.




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