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  • World Domination Promotion Launched by PartyPoker

    Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 by Nadia

PartyPoker, now ranked the second largest poker site on the internet, recently launched a new promotion called ‘World Domination’. The aim of this promotion is to give players the chance to win some money and collect some ‘cities’.

1 Continent, 18 Countries and 72 Cities Up for Grabs

The promotion began on the 7th of November. All players who opt to play at real money tables will receive game pieces called ‘cities’ for each set of 10 PartyPoints that they earn. Altogether, there are 72 cities to choose from. These cities span four of the world’s continents and 18 countries in all. There is even a continent called ‘Oceania’. Each city is distributed to players randomly. If players win several cities, they will be awarded cash prizes. They will also win prizes if they manage to collect all the cities in a country. Prizes will also be awarded to players who collect all the cities on a specific continent.

Cash Prizes to be Awarded for Winning Cities

Players can win instant prizes if they manage to win 9 cities. The cash prizes range from Warsaw at $1 to Berlin at $20. Another set of 9 cities give the players free-roll tickets. The best free-roll seat is awarded to the players who win Hyderabad. The free-roll tournament they will be allowed to enter has a $10,000 prize pool. Vancouver has the cheapest prize pool with a free-roll valued at $1,000.

The free-roll tournaments will not take place till next year, the first will be held on the 1st of April in 2012. If players receive the same free-roll entry more than once, they will receive 5 additional PartyPoints for every entry after the first one. However, they will only be permitted to take one seat in the free-roll tournament. If, for example, someone wins three entries into the free-roll (Vancouver), he will win one real seat at the tournament and will be given 10 PartyPoints.

Collecting Countries and Continents too to Earn Players Cash Prizes

There are 18 countries featured in the Party Poker World Domination promotion. They are each comprised of 4 cities. To win cash prizes, players should aim at collecting four cities in one country. England tops the list of countries with a cash prize of $1,500. Next in line is France with a $1,200 prize, Canada offers a $1,100 prize and Russia offers $1,000. New Zealand and Japan take the bottom rung of the ladder with only $75.

Collecting all the cities which appear on one continent can be rewarding. Players who manage this feat will have great cash prizes to look forward to. Europe comes out on top with a cash prize of $20,000. South America is next with a cash prize of $15,000. After this is North America with a prize valued at $10,000. Asia awards a player with $5,000. Oceania wins the player $2,000.

Players can collect up to a 100 cities per day. A small bonus which allows players to win a city after they accumulate five points, will also be awarded. This is valid only for the player’s first city. After this, players will have to accumulate 10 points in order to win another city. Players can carry over points to the next day of play if they earn partial points for a new city which are less than 1,000.

The promotion will be available to players until the end of 2011 or until all the possible cities have been awarded, whichever of the two happens first.




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