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  • World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Stars Event Down to 20 Players

    Thursday, March 8th, 2012 by Ryan

The World Poker Tour has quite a few exciting stops, but not many can compare with the Bay 101 Shooting Stars event. After a tough few days of play on the players, they are finally down to only 20 going into today. Wednesday featured 149 total players remaining, and there were 19 “Shooting Stars” remaining in the event as well. These 19 players had $5k bounties on them, meaning that if you sent them home early then you would get that nice bonus into your final payouts. When Day 2 began it was Bryce Yockey holding the chip lead over Brandon Wong and Christ Summers. As far as the Shooting Stars who were remaining in the event, not many made it through this day.

It’s important to remember that anyone can win these $5k prize, even if a Shooting Star knocks out another Shooting Star! A perfect example of this was when Jonathan Duhamel and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier got into a pot. Grospellier put the rest of his 12k chips into the pot after Duhamel had raised, and Duhamel called. He turned over pocket threes which were ahead of the A-Q of ElkY. Duhamel held and picked up a solid pot as well as a nice $5k bounty for knocking out Grospellier. Soon after that we saw Jonathan Little send home Mike Matusow (although Little wasn’t a Shooting Star), and Mike McClain send home Scott Seiver.

The money in this event was the top 36 players, and the final 37 went at it for about an hour before two Shooting Stars actually went heads up to get the players into the cash. These two were Men Nguyen, who made a pre-flop raise, and Kathy Liebert who pushed all in. Nguyen called with A-10 of clubs, and was behind the A-K of Liebert. Fortunately though for Nguyen, the flop was incredible coming out 10-9-8 with two clubs. A third club came on the turn to give him the win, take the $5k bounty, and also burst the money bubble. A few other well-known poker pros who were sent home before the end of the day were Jason Mercier (by Duhamel), Allen Cunningham, Fabrice Soulier, Men Nguyen, and Linda Johnson. The leader to start the day, Yockey, was also sent home as well.

The action came to an end for the day with 20 players left, and the top six looked as follows:

1. Scott Baumstein 1.301 million 2. Andrew Badecker 1.106 million 3. Moon Kim 1.1016 million 4. Joseph Elpayaa 861k 5. Erik Cajelais 807k 6. Jonathan Duhamel 751k

Obviously Duhamel has some work to do, but he’s poised himself nicely to continue his incredible 2012 to this point. What’s also important to note is the fact that Duhamel is now playing this event for free, as he knocked out two Shooting Stars, so has picked up $10k in bounties, which is the cost of the event. The only other Shooting Star still remaining in the event is J.C. Tran currently. The action on Thursday will play down until there are only six players remaining, and those six players will make up the final table of this event.




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