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  • World Poker Tour Malta Day 2 – Pescaglini Trumps Opponents

    Saturday, September 24th, 2011 by Nadia

The World Poker Tour (WPT) Malta, which started on the 20th of September, has seen some spectacular performances at the felt. The latest was by Cecilia Pescaglini who bluffed her way to win on Day 2 of the event. The poker player bagged more than twice the number of chips that her closest rival Marvin Rettenmaier accumulated. Pescaglini walked away with 976,000 chips while Rettenmaier took 415,000. The latter was one of the finalists at the recently concluded Partouche Poker Tour (PPT). A few other players who have made it to the final table, which will be played on Saturday, are Manfred Sierke, Simon Trumper and Matt Giannetti.

Pescaglini’s Key Moment

Pescaglini’s key moment at the felt on Day 2 was in the last hand. She held a Jc 3c when the board showed Qc 10c 6c 10s. At the turn, Marvin Rettenmaier had bet 72,500 chips. This was followed by Pescaglini’s all-in after having re-raised. Rettenmaier waited just a few moments before he folded his nut flush. This pushed Pescaglini to the fore of the game.

Before being dealt the winning hand, she had been enjoying quite a successful streak at the felt. She had made a flush which took her to the lead on the river, when she was playing against Aleksandr Konstantinov. In this round, she had an Ah Kh which caught an ace on the board at the turn. The hand was bound to be the next best hand to that of Georges Georgiu who had a Jh Jc.

She flopped a flush when she decided to go all-in pre-flop against Thomas Brauner with a Jd 9d. She had also managed to bust out fellow player Julian Herold who was dealt an Ad Ac. This happened on a board with Kh 10c 10d, which gave Pescaglini a triple ten. If she catches similar hands on the felt at the final table, she can go on to become the first female to earn a WPT bracelet.

Phil Hellmuth Dives Out of Malta Event

On Day 2 of the event, Phil Hellmuth turned up 4 minutes late. In his first hand, he was dealt aces. He went on to double up against one of his opponents Mats Karlson who held jacks. However, that luck did not continue for the rest of the day. The table saw Hellmuth make his way downward. One such instance was when he lost a pot worth 40,000 chips when playing against Sofia Lovgren.

Then, Alexander Kuhn slow rolled him for half that amount. This did not stop – the former took a pot worth 100,000 chips from Hellmuth when he flopped a straight. His streak of bad luck continued through the tournament, especially when he was playing against Salvatore Bianco. Eventually, he was eliminated from the tournament.




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