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  • WPT Bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble Main Event Winner Crowned

    Thursday, November 21st, 2013 by Ryan

The World Poker Tour just continues to keep trucking right along with events being ran throughout the year, and the most recent event to come to a close was the Bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble Main Event. The final table started up on Tuesday, and when the action began it was one player who stood far above the rest, and really just had continue doing exactly what he had done to get to this point in order to pull in a very nice win in Jacksonville. Let’s take a look at how the final six players in the WPT Bestbet Jacksonville Main Event faired, and how Jared Jaffee used his big chip stack to dominate the final table.

First though, it’s definitely worth pointing out that Jaffee had actually made it to two other final tables of World Poker Tour events, but he fell short of the goal of winning the title both times. The first came back in 2010 when he finished in 4th place at the WPT Southern Poker Championship, where he brought home a pay day of $135,079. After that, he had a 5th place finish at the Legends of Poker Championship, which brought in $86,000. This was his first ever major title though, but he came close to getting a gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker this summer when he finished in 3rd place in the $2,500 No Limit Hold’em Four-Handed Event, and won $129,447.

When the final table started, Jaffee had 3.65 million chips, and his closest competitor was Margo Costa with 1.72 million chips. Third place to start the day was Michael Horchoff with 1.525 million, followed up by Corrie Wunstel in fourth with 1.495 million, Blake Purvis in fifth with 1.4 million, and the short stack was Randall Price with 940k in chips, and some work to do.

It took only seven hands before we saw Jaffee knock out his first opponent, and it was the short stack Randall Price. Price was all-in pre-flop with pocket 10s, but ran into the pocket Aces of Jaffee. This knockout put Jaffee up to 4.2 million chips, and every other player was still under 2 million chips. We didn’t see another elimination until Hand 40, but guess who it came from? You know it, Jaffee. Corrie Wunstel moved all-in pre-flop with A-J, but was called by the pocket 9s of Jaffee. The 9s held, and Jaffee had 5.7 million chips, which was more than all the other players’ put together.

The next knockout was at the hands of Blake Purvis, who eliminated our only female left, Margo Costa in 4th place. Costa would have been the first female to win an open WPT event, but her K-10 couldn’t improve against the pocket 7s of Purvis. Another big part of this knockout, was that Purvis was just 200k behind Jaffee for the chip lead.

Purvis kept it rolling too, as he knocked out Michael Horchoff in 3rd place, and grabbed the chip lead at this point. It was incredibly close though, as our heads up match started with Purvis holding 5.39 million chips, and Jaffee holding 5.34 million chips. Jaffee grabbed the chip lead back on the first hand of heads up play, and just kept it rolling on from there.

Purvis kept grinding, and it took 40 hands before Jaffee grabbed the tournament win. The last hand of the tournament featured Purvis raising to 250k, and Jaffee calling. The flop came with J-J-6 with two hearts, and the two just raised back and forth until they were all-in. Jaffee turned over 2-4 of hearts for a flush draw, while Purvis showed pocket Aces. The turn came with a six of clubs, but the river was the Queen of hearts to give Jaffee the flush, and the World Poker Tour title. For his win, he brought home a pay day of $252,749. For second place, Purvis got $166,139. Jaffee may have lost that chip lead for about a minute or so, but after he gained it back he showed that he wasn’t going to let another shot at a World Poker Tour title, or any title for that matter, slip through his fingers.




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