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  • WPT Jacksonville Kicks Off with Surprising Results

    Monday, November 21st, 2011 by Nadia

The World Poker Tour began its latest event at the Orange Park Kennel Club in Jacksonville, Florida. The main event had a buy-in of $3,500 and allowed the players to re-enter if they were eliminated on Day 1a. 188 players entered and 85 advanced to the next day of play. Leading the pack was former November Niner (2010) Matthew Jarvis with 190,300 chips.

Despite it being one of the smaller WPT events, several poker all-stars made an appearance at the tables. Among them were Jason Mercier, Will ‘The Thrill’ Failla, Tommy Vedes, Harrison Gimbel, Victor Ramdin, Allen Kessler and John Racener. To take their shot at winning the title they were required to pay double as they were all eliminated on Day 1a and had to re-enter the tournament on Day 1b.

Day 1A: Jarvis Comes Out on Top

Matt Stout was eliminated on Day 1a. Stout held a Kh-Qd whereas his opponent had As-Qh. The board was dealt and the resulting Jd-Jc-2c-4s-8h failed Stout. Lee Markholt was knocked out of the tournament when he went up against his opponents’ Kc-7c with his Jh-Jc. The final board ran to Kh-2h-2s-9d-2d.

Jarvis wasn’t able to capture the number one spot until the last few hands of the day’s play. The board was dealt out and read Qd-9h-9c-7d. A player went all in for around 17,000. Jarvis called, holding Ks-Qc. His opponent held a Jc-8c and drew. The river card was 9d. This turned Jarvis’ hand into a full house, giving him a win. The pot, valued at approximately 190,000, gave him the chip lead.

Some of the other players who won themselves large chip stacks were David Pham, Nick Grippo and Shaun Deeb. They will all be advancing to Day 2 of play. Accompanying them will be Dwyte Pilgrim, Jonathan Little, Darryll Fish, Tony Dunst and Chris Klodnicki.

Day 1B: Vedes Takes Over Top Spot

On Day 1b, 205 new players entered the field, bringing the total number of participants up to 393. At the end of the day, 90 players remained. Tommy Vedes, a former WPT champion, headed the ranks, walking away with 209,200 in chips.

Even though Vedes was the only player to win more than 200,000 on Day 1b, a few of the other players finished the day with big stacks. Imari Love won 172,000. Michael Swimelar concluded with 158,100 and Barry Wiedemann ended the day with 162,100. Vedes became the chip lead only towards the end of the day after eliminating James Calderaro. Vedes cracked Calderaro’s aces with pocket queens. Vedes played a queen on the flop and Calderaro’s game didn’t recover.

There were a few players who re-entered the tournament after double-busting. Some of these players were: Todd Terry, Lee Markholt, Allen Kessler and Will ‘The Thrill’ Failla. Andy Frankenberger, a one time Player of the Year winner and World Poker Tour champion, was also eliminated on Day 1b. His hand failed to stand up against his opponent’s pocket jacks. Some of the players who managed to stay in the tournament and will advance to Day 2 are: Harrison Gimbel, Maurice Hawkins, Raj Vohra, Jared Jaffee, Victor Ramdin and John Racener.




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