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    Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 by Ryan

The World Poker Tour’s Montreal Main Event is officially the largest event in the history of Canadian poker, which in turn, means that we have a whole lot of eyes that are glued to the results from this tournament. When the third day of action at the WPT Montreal began, there were 45 players left in the action, or five tables. They played down until there were only six players remaining, and the final table had been set. It’s not going to be an easy walk for any of the players remaining though, as this final table not only features a few players that are close in terms of chip stacks, but it also has some very experienced and strong players at the table as well. Action will kick off at 4pm EST today, and the players will be playing for a very nice first place pay day of C$754,162.

To start off the action today, Sylvain Siebert and Jeff Gross find themselves in almost a dead lock at the top, as they are only separated by 200,000 chips, and we all know how fast things can flip flop in a poker tournament. Obviously we can’t count out the rest of the field, which features some big names, but Siebert is currently holding 8.85 million chips, while Gross is holding 8.65 million. After that though the next players aren’t too far behind either, as Jonathan Roy has 7.48 million, and Pascal Lefrancois has 6.065 million chips. The two players bringing up the rear are definitely far from out of it though, as Peter Kaemmerlen has 2.405 million, and Gavin Smith has 1.605 million chips. Both players will be ones to watch throughout the early stages as they look for a big double up.

Siebert and Gross both won some big pots to get to the top of the tournament and lock in those top two spots going into the final table action. When the action was down to the unofficial final table, the two did play a few hands, and Gross actually took a solid pot in which he raised to 260k pre flop, and it was checked all the way to the river when Gross bet out 305k, Siebert called, and then mucked when Gross showed that he had rivered top pair. It was just one hand later that Gross and Kaemmerlen got into a pre-flop fight that featured Kaemmerlen calling a four bet from Gross of 1.153. Gross then moved all-in on the flop, but Kaemmerlen folded. From there, Gross started moving forward even more by knocking out Gabriel Fernandes in 9th place when he moved all-in for about 500k.

Siebert didn’t disappear at this point though, as he was able to get his chips back a few hands after the knockout. He raised the action to 340k and was three bet by Martin Raus to 850k, and then Siebert shoved all in. Raus decided to make the call and turned over A-Ko, and Siebert was holding pocket Jack’s. The Jacks held up and Raus was sent home in 8th place.

Throughout his career, Gross has made some impressive runs through live poker tournaments, but Siebert is actually on the opposite side of things. Sibert is from Ontario, and in his career has only had one cash in his live tournament career, which was back in October of 2009, and was a 6th place finish in the Canadian Poker Tour’s stop at the Great Blue Heron Casino. Just where he is at right now, if he went home in 6th he would be paid out a nice $113,155, which is far more than he’s made in his career to this point in live tournaments!

We’ll keep you updated on the final table action as we wait to see who takes down the World Poker Tour’s Montreal Main Event. The players at the top definitely have the edge currently with their big chip stack, but with two or three strong players at the bottom of the leaderboard currently, we definitely know that anything can happen at any time as well. Gavin Smith has had some very nice finishes throughout his career, and if there’s a player who knows how to grind out a small stack through a final table and when it matters most, then Smith is definitely one of the players.




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