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    Monday, November 7th, 2011 by Ryan

If you’re a poker fan or poker player, there is nothing more exciting than the World Series of Poker Main Event. And even more exciting than that, is the fact that this years’ Main Event kicked off its November Nine yesterday. After many hours of play, the nine players had worked their way down to have only three remaining, which will set up an excellent final day when a champion is decided. Play kicked off at 3:30pm ET, and this was the first action in a full four months. There was a 15 minute delay in the action when it came to the broadcast on ESPN2, which made for an interesting way to watch the huge event.

The final nine players were (in order of starting stack), Martin Staszko, Eoghan O’Dea, Matt Giannetti, Phil Collins, Ben Lamb, Badih Bounahra, Pius Heinz, Anton Makiievskyi, and Sam Holden. The winner of this event will take down an incredible grand prize of $8.7 million, and each player who made the final table got at least $782,115 for their efforts. Even more impressive, is the fact that any player who finished higher than 8th place got a payday of over $1 million.

The action kicked off with a ton of hands that didn’t feature an elimination, but saw one player just slowly work his way to the top of the leaderboard. Pius Heinz was involved in some big hands, and one specifically against O’Dea that gave him 44 million chips, and moved him from the bottom of the standings to second place. The first player eliminated though, was Sam Holden who got his chips in with Ace-Jack, but was dominated by the Ace-King of Ben Lamb.

It took just over 35 minutes for the next elimination to come, which was Makiievskyi who got it in with King-Queen against the pocket Nine’s of Heinz. Makiievskyi actually jumped out with the flop, but the turn was a 9 and gave Heinz the win. Makiievskyi was sent home in 8th place with over a million dollars. 20 minutes after that, Bounahra shoved his Ace-Five all in, and was called and dominated by Staszko, who had Ace-Nine. O’Dea was the next player eliminated, and he lost a huge pot against Lamb, that left him with just over 2 big blinds, forcing him to move all in on the next hand.

The dinner break was quickly approaching, but not before Phil Collins was eliminated with his Ace-Seven suited was up against the pocket Nine’s of Heinz. By the turn, Collins had both a straight and a flush draw, but he was not able to hit and was sent home in a respectable fifth place. At that point, the players took a dinner break and came back for some late night poker to find one more elimination.

Before there was another elimination, we had our first player with over 100 million chips in Pius Heinz. Heinz had been playing excellent and running very well, and was now the commanding chip leader. Just after 1:45 on the East Coast, we had our final elimination of the night, as Matt Giannetti pushed his final 12 million chips in. He was called quickly by Lamb, who flipped over pocket Kings. There wasn’t much of a sweat, as the flop gave Lamb four of a kind instantly.

This left three players to finish up the action on Tuesday. Pius Heinz, Martin Staszko, and Ben Lamb are the final three, who will play to decide who wins the most prestigious bracelet in poker. The standings for this final day will feature Heinz at the top with just over 107 million chips, Lamb in second with over 55 million chips, and Staszko in third with over 42 million chips.




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